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MuscleMag International, January 1996
Steve Neece's Muscle Beach column

Amazon Supermodels

This is the title of an ongoing series from BuiltMore Productions. All of the women featured in these videos are six feet or more. That is the main requirement. They range in body type from model slender (but not anorexic) to Bruennhildian ample. The most recent video in the series, number 8, features a woman who, I predict will soon take the bodybuilding world by storm. Her name is Carina Thompson and she is 6'1" and a contest-ready 190. She currently resides in Victoria, BC, Canada, and her lines are reminiscent of fellow Canadian Sharon Bruneau (c. 1991), except that Carina has a wider shoulder structure. Also like Sharon she has drop-dead raven-tressed beauty. She competed in two shows in British Columbia, winning the overall in the first but coming up short in the provincial championships. At age 25 she has been training since her late teens but only started training specifically for bodybuilding in the last year. She plans to take it to the limit. This video could very well become a collector's item. Though Carina will hold the most interest for hardcore fans, there are several other competitive and noncompetitive bodybuilders in the series, some of whom you will be hearing about both in and out of the sport. Athletes from other sports are featured too - basketball obviously, volleyball, track, swimming and cycling among others.

Do you remember "Sunny" from the first season of American Gladiators? It turns out she was a national-level competitor in swimming, then in the triathlon, and now she has a shot at the '96 Olympic team as a cyclist. She just missed in '92. She is 6'2" and far better built than in her days as Sunny. Others of note include 6'3" 250-pound eight-time world wrist-wrestling champ Dot Jones, who shows some well-shaped, muscular 19-inch calves. Another similarly proportioned woman has her calf measured at 20 inches on camera, and it has shape and some definition. Appearances of these models on Montel Williams and other TV shows are also included.

Make no mistake - many of these women are world-class beauties, and the physical potential - explored and partially explored - in many of them is staggering. I saw women who could drastically change the image of bodybuilding, destroy powerlifting/weightlifting records, and be world class in any sport where height, strength and workload capacity count. They could set fitness modeling standards beyond anything currently seen and more than likely excel in any number of fields. All they need is the desire, the opportunity and proper guidance.

Ladies, if you are six feet or more, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting BuiltMore Productions. More than likely you have potential and talent you never realized. They will act as your agent if you wish or refer you to others. All single videos are $50 with discounts for larger orders. To place an order, or for further info, write to BuiltMore Productions, P.O. Box One, Santa Monica, CA 90406-0001. Their complete catalog is available for $5.

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