Amazon Supermodels - vol. 5
Valkyrie and Flying Dutchgirl

This sixty minute amazon lust-fest features some of the world's most attractive women, all of which stand over six feet tall.... While no emphasis is placed on heavily muscled women, it is apparent that all of the girls featured here are in excellent phys

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Amazon Supermodels - vol. 5

Amazon Supermodels, Inc. (Volume 5) features the painfully beautiful Shaneen Cinema (her real name) and Anne L. They are 6'3" and from Europe. Anne is from Germany (Valkyrie) and Shaneen from The Netherlands (Dutchgirl) and they will send your heartbeat flying high. This work inlcudes a fifteen minute exotic dance routine by Shaneen; lifting and tossing around a much smaller man (the referee) by the two superwomen; as well as a fantasy wrestling match between the two. Surprise bonus: "Amazon Supermodels Summit" with Susan 6'5", Rhonda 6'2", and Heather 6'1".

Builtmore Productions, Inc. has gone out on a "limb" and taken a "tall order" to task in the making of Amazon Supermodels 5. This sixty minute amazon lust-fest features some of the world's most attractive women, all of which stand over six feet tall. This video is most certainly not for viewers that are insecure with their height, because the beautiful women which star in this film can easily humble the biggest of egos with their imposing physical presence. While no emphasis is placed on heavily muscled women, it is apparent that all of the girls featured here are in excellent physical condition. One girl is particularly proud of her body and reveals all in an erotic and highly entertaining scene, with plenty of topless action thrown in for good measure.

Featured first is an extraordinary model from the Netherlands, named Shaneen Cinema (that's not a stage name folks!) This six foot, three inch beauty has long, flowing blonde hair, beautifully chiselled facial features, and a body that rivals that of any supermodel in the mainstream media. She gives a brief description of her height and weight (she's about 165 pounds) and then presents an amusing posing routine, complete with a white, see-through lace top, and a pair of high heels (as if she really needs them!) The segment progresses at a relatively slow pace for about five minutes, which gives you plenty of time to admire her awesome physique, complete with long, shapely legs, tight abs, and well toned arms. I would have enjoyed viewing some muscle shots, such as bicep poses, or calf shots (she does have some nice shape to her calves, which you see later on in the nudity segment!) Overall, a very sensual routine, which will definitely keep tall women lovers on the edge of their seats.

Joining Shaneen is the German amazon, Anne. This girl also stands six foot three, and weighs about 165 pounds. She has dark hair which contrasts nicely with Shaneen's blonde locks. Possessing a very similar physique to that of Shaneen, Anne poses alongside her vertically gifted friend wearing heels which add even more height to her already impressive measurements. However, the real fun begins when the two tall goddesses are joined by a little man, no more than four feet tall! He poses alongside the two "towers of power" in a variety of manners, including amusing footage in which the women make funny faces and place their elbows on his head, and lean against him. It is very easy to see just how tall they really are, because they still out-height him even when he stands on a tall pedistal, surrounded by these sexy and sensual amazon beauties. Following the height comparisons, the women take turns carrying the tiny man around in their arms. It is absolutely stunning to view him in the arms of women which dwarf him more than a young child being held by his or her mother. This segment alone is reason enough to view this tape.

After dispensing with the formalities of posing, the two women, introduced by the little man (now sporting a referee's shirt) get into a hot and heavy wrestling encounter! That's right...picture two 6'3" beauties rolling around on the mats in a battle to determine the supreme amazon! Well, don't worry about the competitiveness of the encounter. Both women are very friendly, even while taking each other down with various maneuvers. Throughout the match, they speak a foreign language to each other, so it's difficult to know what they are saying, but I'm sure you won't be listening to their words anyway. At the conclusion of the match, with both women exhausted, we are taken to a series of scenes in which they demonstrate various wrestling holds on each other. From full nelsons, to bearhugs, both girls apply some great maneuvers to each other. Chances are you'll be trying to figure out which girl is the better of the two, however, don't bother because they are very evenly matched in every way.

The Dutchgirl, aka Shaneen begins a highly erotic segment, in which she reveals more than just her great calves and nicely toned arms. That's right, for adventurous fans who need their fix of topless modelling, Shaneen bears her voluptuous breasts on camera for all to see (and drool over!) This segment, which goes on for about 10 minutes, is complimented by some romantic music, in the form of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. She shows off her entire physique in a highly seductive manner as the music provides the perfect backdrop for her risque posing. Following this, the music livens up with Mozart's Overture to the Marriage of Figaro. Of course, you won't need to worry about keeping glued to the screen as Shaneen will capture your attention with her erotic antics!

The final segments of the tape includes footage of three towering goddesses of amazon femininity, in the forms of the 6'4" Susan, the 6'2" muscular Rhonda, and the 6'1" blondie, Heather. These three women all possess unique physiques, from Susan's extremely slender endomorphic body, to Rhonda's mesomorphic package of muscle and height. Heather carries with her tall frame, an attitude which lights up the screen. While the earlier segments provided us with a great deal to look at, the personalities of Shaneen and Anne left something to be desired, however, Heather and Rhonda in particular provide a nice dose of humour and excitement with their charismatic attitudes. You will thrill to their antics as they dance to some lively and energetic music, and compare their height to each other. The use of all three girls at once makes for a much more exciting routine, which contrasts nicely with the slower paced opening of the tape.

Fans of tall women will definitely not be disappointed with this video. If for nothing else than the unique height comparisons between the 6'3" amazons and the little man, Builtmore's Amazon Supermodels 5 is a sound addition to your tall women video collection. The nudity featured in this video makes it appropriate for a more mature audience. While some of the segments got monotonous after a while, there is enough substance here to keep the discriminating viewer satisfied, while bringing a new "heightened" awareness of the beauty of tall women to the novice viewer of this genre. Pick up your copy today by visiting Builtmore Productions, Inc. at www.builtmore.com.


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