Amazon Supermodels - vol. 7
Altitude Adjustment

Featuring the beautiful and exotic 6' 3 ˝" tall Eulaique in shocking scenes with her 5' tall girlfriend Ester; the 6' bodybuilder Arden and more...

Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Amazon Supermodels - vol. 7

The seventh in this amazing video series developed by Nercy at Builtmore Productions, Inc. begins with a shocking size comparison. Standing against one another is the beautiful and exotic 6' 3 ˝" tall Eulaique (pronounced "You-la-eek") and her 5' tall girlfriend Ester. Ester is at eye-level with Eulaique's stomach! With ease, Eulaique then rests her elbow atop Ester's head and the two women tell tall and short jokes. Eulaique then discusses setting up Ester with a 7' tall man and what that might be like. (You can imagine!) Following this, there are some amazing hand size comparisons. Eulaique says that her daughter, who is a child, has larger hands than Ester does, and Eulaique's are twice as large. Next, Eulaique makes Ester sit in her lap so that the two women can extend their arms and compare lengths. Eulaique arms outstretch Ester's by an amazing amount. Finally, the two women compare feet. Eulaique size 10s dwarf Ester's little feet. Eulaique laughs and asks, "What are those, a size 3?"

You can't help to imagine what it would be like to watch these two women in a fight. It would be so one-sided. Never one to disappoint, however, Nercy makes sure that that is just what happens! In the very next scene, the towering Eulaique appears in a bikini under a sheer pullover top and accuses little Ester of trying to steal her boyfriend. Ester actually looks frightened (she probably had no need to act, considering how scary the giant Eulaique looks when angry). Eulaique grabs Ester's arm and threatens to pluck out her eyebrows with her fingernails if she doesn't confess. As the fighting escalates, Eulaique says, "I am going to pound you like a thumb-tack" and "I am going to squeeze the life out of you." Wrapping her gigantic legs about the child-sized woman, Eulaique holds little Ester tightly while she slowly strangles her with her bare hands. Perhaps the most amazing view is of the "dead" Ester is the one from Eulaique's vantage as she places her enormous foot on Ester's little stomach. You know it is all pretend, but this one scene will convince you that Eulaique really had the power to crush Ester like a bug if she had wished to. It is a shame that this scene isn't longer or better acted (both women look like they are being somewhat careful…probably because both are aware of how easily the giantess could do real harm to such a little person as Ester).

Next we meet the beautiful model, Joanne, who stands 6 foot 3" in her sexy white 3" heels and who looks great in her bikini. She even gives her agent's phone number should you wish to hire her. She strikes many sexy poses for the camera showing us exactly why men do hire her. She has an impressively curvy figure and shows it well in her slinky black minidress.

Then this video makes a dynamic switch to Arden, a sexy 6' tall body builder. Arden is solid muscle and as she says, her body is "a work of art." She strikes many power poses in a sexy one-piece leather bodice over seamed pantyhose. You ought to see her legs, guys, no kidding. They look like they could crush a bowling ball. She also flexes her powerful calves for the camera. Throughout, there is some really good music; too, showing the improvement of production skills as this series of videos has progressed. Arden is soon joined by a blonde girlfriend who looks like her, but shorter. These two women strike classical poses to some lovely music blending together art, form, and beauty. It is as lovely as it is erotic. As a woman, I found these sections very appealing. But I have no doubt that men would love them as well. What's not to like? There is even a close up of Arden's biceps that will pop your eyes!

Next we go to Europe for a ridiculous segment showing a towering woman walking about a small room while being admired by a little oriental man who seems to follow her about aimlessly. The music reflects the comic aspect of these scenes. It is eye-catch nonetheless, because this German model has to be at least 6'4" so she towers over the small man who follows her about. This silliness stops soon enough to take us to the home of another German model who is 6'10" in her 2" heels! We see her walking about the interior of an apartment, taller than any of the doorways and dwarfing her stunningly sexy girlfriend who is herself about 6'6". I guess they grow them big in Germany! Oh-oh, it's that little oriental man again, this time walking about Sonya. His eyes don't even come up to her boobs, no wonder she pushes him away. In an Axis nation face-off of German vs. oriental, the little man walks about the towering Sonya as she blithely floats throughout the room, her blonde hair lightly grazing the ceiling. But soon they begin to dance. If she isn't the girl of his dreams you would have to wonder what he is waiting for?

Then there is Heather Anderson, a beautiful 20-year-old, with long blonde hair. At 6'2" in her bare feet, Heather makes for an eye-full. She is soon in 3" heels bringing her up to a whopping 6'5" and making for a powerful height comparison as she stands back to back with a woman of slightly less than average height. The top of the shorter woman's head doesn't even reach Heather's sexy shoulders! Next, Heather puts on a leg show. In her summer print minidress and red high heels, Heather with rock your world as she extends and flexes her fantastically long legs. Her legs go about halfway to the ceiling, guys. At 5'10" I thought I had long legs, oh well. Hers are definitely in a different league.

At 6 foot in height, 180 pounds, with 17" biceps and 26" thighs, the next woman we meet is able to bench press 285lbs and leg press 900 lbs., 8 times. We get to watch her work out and get to see some amazing close-ups of her powerful muscles, but what we don't ever get to know is her name. Oh well, a little mystery can add spice. Who ever she is, she's interesting to watch. The next 6 footer, however, is named Suzanne, a platinum blonde Swede in a black minidress. Suzanne crosses and uncrosses her fantastic legs for the camera and then strips down to her undies and bra (keeping on her heels and earrings, of course) to cavort about on her bed while the camera eats her up. This is truly a case of, "Oh, God am I beautiful and boy don't I know it!" In her skimpy panties, Suzanne shows off her gorgeous butt, firm and large and sexy.

Well, time to rest your bruised body. It's back to Arden striking classical Greek and Roman poses again, only this time a taller girl- friend, Gabriele, has joined her. The dusky and powerful Gabriele stands 6'1" and can match the fantastic Arden muscle for muscle. If you just happened to walk in on these two as they showed off their magnifi- cent bodies like this you'd probably swallow your gum. A lovely piano and violin duet wonderfully accompanies these woman as they pose for us.

Now we meet Linda. She is a dark-haired Swede who is 6' tall and weighs 180. She is a soccer player, so that 180 pounds turns out to be solid muscle. If you like your woman powerful as well as tall, Linda will fill the bill. In a mini-jumpsuit she shows of those powerful kicking legs of hers. The section following is discordant with the music and somewhat odd. Linda is suddenly joined by a like-dressed female friend who appears to be about 5'10" and 240 pounds. They Indian wrestle for a time and then the larger woman gives Linda a piggyback ride. It would take a powerful woman to give the solid Linda a ride on her back, that's for sure.

Finally, we spend a little time alone with Gabriele. At 6'1" this muscle woman makes quite an impression as she walks along the street in her fire-engine red minidress and matching 3" high-heeled boots. Weighing in at 202 pounds, it is no wonder that Gabriele is greeted with cries of, "You go, girl!" as she walks along the sidewalk. In the studio, Gabriele wears a similar black outfit and flexes her powerful muscles for the lens. Back on the street, the camera gives us close-up views of Gabriele's enormous calf muscles and shows her posing atop a brick wall so we can get a good view of her powerful. Gabriele is a woman you will not soon forget. As always, in this videotape Nercy has provided the goods!

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