Amazon Supermodels - vol. 9

A celebration of the beauty of super-tall women, including models and attractive athletes.

Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Amazon Supermodels - vol. 9

"FahrenHeight" or Amazon Supermodels, Inc. (Volume 9) is a celebration of the beauty of super-tall women, including models and attractive athletes. Featured are:

Allison, 6'2"
A long-haired blond, willowy dreamboat and athlete with model-good looks who, in the words of one reviewer, could make grown men cry.

Zrinka, 6'5"
A lovely athlete with a fine figure and well toned, magnificent longlegs. You will have to see her to appreciate her, and you might fall in love.

Lori, 6'2"
A pretty brunette workout wonder with a girlish smile who sports developed biceps, broad shoulders, well-toned legs and "Absolut Abs."

Suzanne, 6'0"
A superbly toned Scandinavian fitness athlete and college professor in a technical field with brains as well as beauty. Her bikini shots will make your jaw drop!

Marita, 6'1"
("Fire Hydrant Alert"!) Another woman with brains and beauty. This high powered business executive is one siren. Alluring eyes, all-over spectacular figure, in cut off jeans to show off her robust, magnificent body. She tells us strangers often follow her around checking out her legs. You'll see why.

Carina Thompson, 6'1"
The star of "Offensive Linewomen" {Amazon Supermodels, Inc. (Vol. 8)} returns in contest shape. Muscle Beach columnist Steve Neece predicts that she will soon take the bodybuilding world by storm.

Natina, 6'3"
A Las Vegas teen-ager who loves being tall. A striking brunette with a great figure who often wears 3" heels, she finds it fun when guys come up to her to compare heights. She likes to dominate shorter men.

Elena, 6'6"
A European athlete with a tight, trim and toned body. A soft-spoken charmer.

Beatrice, 6'5"
France's heavyweight kickboxing champion in the kind of boxing ring action you would like to see in person.

Malgorzeta Dydek, 7'1.5"
Europe's basketball superstar in a cameo appearance. She modestly talks about her athletic performance in a brief interview.

Suzanna, 6'8"
A European athlete with a cherubic face. To see her on tape, you wouldn't believe that she's as tall as she is, because of her symmetric proportions, but when you see her "maxing out" ceilings, you will know that she's for real.

Sarah, 6'2"
An attractive brunette. At 185 lbs., she's a strength and conditioning coach for men and women at a PAC-10 university. She does strength domonstrations in a gym.

And as a special treat, "Valkyries in Mini Skirts and High Heels." Height comparisons courtesy of vertically challenged (short) men and women whenever possible. Rated "S" (for "Stature Situations").

Running time: one hour. Video format: VHS

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