Maxine Legroom - vol. 4
Leggs Benedict

Muscles and flexing galore! Physique modeling with bodybuilder Jacqui Till and much more...

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Maxine Legroom - vol. 4

Physique modeling with bodybuilder Jacqui Till. Also included are: Kim Rogers, a charismatic jazz dancer; Judy with 18" calves; Deborah McGuire, a dancer with smooth moves; Tatjana Jajko, a track star from Eastern Europe; Sonya a 5'11" blonde bodybuilder from Australia and Angela, an African-American bodybuilder from the USA; Jackie Burke, an all-American lifeguard; Aleta Rucci, a lingerie model; Monika, an Eastern European exotic dancer; Le Lei, a Hawaiian beauty; Colette Guimond, the Canadian bodybuilder with incredible glutes; and Jenny F., the muscular blonde bombshell from New Zealand. This volume includes interviews with the women talking about their muscles and flexing galore.

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