Maxine Legroom - vol. 6
Mommy Longlegs

For the truly hard to please, this Love 'em bulging, love 'em long, love 'em sexy - here are nine pairs of legdom's best and brightest strutting just for thee.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Maxine Legroom - vol. 6

For the truly hard to please, this video has something to rivet the the eyes of every dedicated leg man. Love 'em bulging, love 'em long, love 'em sexy - here are nine pairs of legdom's best and brightest strutting just for thee.

The opening round is fired by the hauntingly beautiful Shannon who is apparently condemned by the gods to ascend a variety of long steep stairways for all eternity as punishment for her abuse of chocolate, which she regards as one of the four basic food groups. We are witness to her travail as she repeatedly ascends and descends a variety of stairways applying her well-muscled calves to the eternal task. When the gods realize what etherial beauty dwells in Shannon's wonderful legs, however, they relent, and our heroine is granted time out to anoint her shapely thighs and calves with oil. We get to witness that, too.

Fans of black leather and over-the-knee stiletto boots shouldn't miss the tutorial in the next segment: "LEGS" laces them up - all the way up. It takes so loooong! But wait! She forgot to put lotion on her legs. Drat! Off come the boots, exposing those long supple legs. Drip...drip...drip...goes the lotion.

The long-legged ladies of cheta.net.dokrog demonstrate convincingly the folly of assuming which is the stronger sex as several members lift and carry a mere male as though he were made of styrofoam. Body- building legend "Pillow" ably displays she still has "the right stuff" in a leggy show-and-tell poolside panoply of cut calves and rippling quadriceps. And a generous serving of allure.

Like the Pied Piper, 5'11" Cristina's lissome gams beckon us along a walk and up a stairway. Once ensconsed on a soft bed, she parades them shamelessly. Let's hear it for shameless flaunting of shapely legs.

Finally, for you unreconstructed fans of bulging calves, Maxine Legroom Sixx presents the retina-wrenching gastrocnemii of Yvonne. The slightest twitch of these incrediblle appendages is enough to strike fear and trembling into the heart of the most intrepid aficionado. Study up with your Gray's "Anatomy", pilgrim. And enjoy!

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