alt.amazon.supermodels - vol. 0
Tall Models, Inc.

Stunningly tall and powerful women: Rose (5'11) and her friend Susan (6'0), Heather (6'2), and Chandra (6'2) in feats of beauty, strength and sexiness.

Running time: 60 minutes

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alt.amazon.supermodels - vol. 0

Nercy at Builtmore Productions, Inc. has done it yet again. In his latest video called "Tall Models, Inc.," he shows us some stunningly tall and powerful women.

The video begins with Rose (5'11") and her friend Susan (6'0") walking down the street flanking a muscular man who can't be any more than 4'6", if that. In their swimsuits, these towering muscular and leggy Amazons dwarf this little guy (no pun intended). The last time I saw a sight like that it was of a tugboat between two enormous ocean liners. Even though it looks like these two women could end the man's existence by simply coming together to hug each other, the little fellow appeared happy to be walking between them. In fact, he even got admiring comments from gawking passersby who marveled at his company. One man on the street was overheard to say, "He's got all the luck and a bag of chips!" Following along behind these three we are stunned to see the man's little muscular shoulders at the same height above street-level as these two Amazons' fantastic and curvaceous rears. We watch as the women walk along, each holding the little man by the hand as though he were a child. In their high heels these women each push 6'4". What an experience this must have been for him! There are also some fine shots following the feet of these big girls as the walk firmly along in their high-heeled sandals.

Next we are treated to Heather, who at 6'2" (make that 6'6" in her heels), dwarfs her sexy female friend by nearly a foot. Heather is a stunning blonde with fantastically long legs. The camera follows her and her friend as they walk about town, their high-heeled sandaled feet pounding the sidewalk with a force reminiscent of the hooves of horses. And why not; these are big women with muscular calves and powerful legs who are proud of their power. There are also some good height comparison scenes in which we see how Heather towers over her powerful and well built friend.

After this walk about town, Heather enters the studio to briefly show off her statuesque body for the camera. Sitting in a chair she crosses and uncrosses her lengthy legs a number of times.

Now Rose returns, entering the room with a man riding piggyback upon her! He appears to be about 5'9", but Rose carries him with ease, even pausing for some deep knee bends with him aboard. After putting the man down she next picks him up in her powerful arms and carries him about as though he were a baby. Next, Rose puts him high up upon her powerful shoulders and walks about giving the startled man a ride. She looks happy, but he looks nervous. Rose then lifts him into a fireman's carry and easily walks about the room with him making it seem like he weighs nothing. Then, once again, she carries him about in her arms like he was a little boy and gives him yet another piggyback ride!

Rose takes a break after a time to show off her powerful muscles, flexing her arms, abdomen and back for the camera. This is one powerful blonde, guys. You wouldn't want to tangle with her if she were angry! She'd pick you up and snap you like a stick.

Next Rose and her male companion have what seems to be a real arm wrestling match. He has strong arms, but hers are also very muscular. They go 4 rounds, splitting them evenly, (which is why I think it was a real match). Even when he won, though, he looked like he was going to pop a vein for his efforts. A real wrestling match then ensued. The man lifted Rose and spun her around. But once on the mat, Rose went for her power and used her legs on him. While he often had the advantage, she would take over whenever she got his head or body between her large thighs. She must be able to create a very impressive squeeze between them!

Following this romp the real fun begins as Rose and Susan play. Susan starts by giving Rose a piggyback ride. While doing this, Susan stopped to do deep knee bends showing off her lifting power. As a crush lover I couldn't help but wish that the little man from the beginning of the tape was there on the floor so that Susan could have stood on him with Rose riding on her back. That poor man would have squished like a tube of toothpaste! Those two women together in one package have to be near or over 340 pounds!

To prove her carry power, Susan next had Rose ride up upon her shoulders. And, once again, Susan did deep knee bends with the Amazon riding on her. Then Susan picked up Rose in her arms and finally put her over her shoulder while she carried her about the room. Finally, the women locked arms back to back and took turns bending forward to lift each other into the air.

Following this, there was an interesting wrestling match. Interesting, because the women were so evenly matched. I won't give away the outcome but leave it for you to discover.

We next see Rose walking about town with her beautiful friend who is only about 5'7". Five-foot-seven might normally be thought of as average, but next to Rose it seemed small. However, I know you won't be disappointed by the shorter woman because she has a gorgeous rear (if I say so myself). Her beautiful backside hangs way out of her shorty-shorts and pumps away as she walks along. Men whom these women pass on the street, no doubt lost their minds. Once again the camera follows closely at ground level as these two beauties heavily tromp their spike-heeled sandals along on the pavement.

Next we get to watch both women show off their strength. The smaller woman is amazing in that she is able to lift and carry the Amazon Rose in her arms and upon her shoulders. That much power for only 5'7" is impressive! There are a lot of lifts and carries as both women take turns showing off their strength. But the wrestling match is the most amazing. The smaller woman dominates Rose! She obviously knows something about how to wrestle; using all sorts of fancy maneuvers to get out of holds the Amazon puts her in. After winning, she even laughs and says, "Perhaps I ought to do this professionally!" Hey, perhaps she ought to!

You might think that this would be enough for one tape, but if you know Nercy you know that he always gives you extra. That "extra" comes in a 6'2" package named Chandra. Chandra is a very strong woman although she doesn't look exactly like a body builder. She has a good figure and is attractive. I doubt you'd guess her real power from just looking at her. But Chandra can press about 600 pounds with her legs! Lying on her back near a wall, she demonstrates the most amazing scene on this tape. She raises her foot into the air so that a good-sized man can lie down on the sole of her foot with his pubic bone. Then, with ease, and I mean ease, Chandra gives him an up and down ride by using just one leg! She lifts him up and lets him down again and again as though he were made of straw. Using both legs, the sexy and pretty Chandra raises him up and down like he was a stuffed toy animal. Chandra also does deep knee bends with the man on her shoulders and goes up on her toes as well. She then takes him outside for more rides on her feet while she braces his hands in hers. Back inside, she uses her feet to lift the man up into the air from off of the floor again and again as though he were her exercise weights.

If you like "lift and carry" or just like to look at strong, long-legged woman, this full one-hour videotape is for you. I really have no complaints to make about "Tall Models, Inc.," other than the early scenes with the Amazons and the little man seemed to go on a bit too long. But for many of you it might not be long enough! Be sure to visit Builtmore's Home Page for a list of all the fantastic videos of Amazon women Nercy has produced! Go to http://www.builtmore.com

La Moduleuse

Cheque out tall models in physique modeling, height comparisons, mixed wrestling, femme vs. femme wrestling, lifts, carries and more. Starring Rose 5'11", Susan 6'0", Heather 6'2", Chandra 6'2" and friends.

P.S. One of the friends is Rikki Rife. Look for her in the Xcite! Search Engine.

Running time: one hour. Video format: VHS.

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