Maxine Legroom - vol. 7
Vice Quad

A potpourri of perfect pins.

Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Maxine Legroom - vol. 7

A potpourri of perfect pins.

We start with NATALIA, a eastern European bodybuilder with powerful legs, great calves and an absolutely incredible quad sweep. She walks down an alley looking like a superhero in black vinyl shorts and a mesh top that doesn't leave much to the imagination, then parades along a beach-side promenade. Watching her glutes in those black vinyl shorts is worth the price of admission all by itself.

JENNIFER, a cute, blonde girl-next-door type who wears cut-offs and a tight tee shirt shows us how strong her shapely legs and full caves are by leg pressing two men at the same time for reps! She does calf raises with a man on her back and flexs and stretches her lovely legs.

KRISTIE, a sexy brunette with slim, strong legs, great glutes and nicely defined calves, does leg presses and calf raises using men for weights. She wears tight black shorts and a tight purple tank top. Later she stretches and poses, then leg presses another guy using only one leg!

JENNY'S a big, solid girl with massive calves. This is a short segment of her walking in a short skirt and pumps, and flexing her huge, rock hard calves. Great legs, but her face remains a mystery.

KATHY is a shy, dark blonde beauty with trim, freckled legs. She wears high heels and a black leotard. She poses on a table, then walks around in the studio and out on the street. Finally she gets up on a chair so we can get a good close look at her diamond cut calves.

CHE has a million dollar walk. She's a beautiful blonde fitness competitor who draws stares and whistles as she struts around a city street in a very skimpy thong bikini. Later she poses in a chair and caresses her legs. And what legs! Strong, shapely, with incredible calves, knife thin ankles, and glutes to make you cry.

After her, two nameless girls walk around the streets and do cat-walk turns in the studio. One's a blonde and one's a brunette. They're both attractive, with great, pin-up girl legs.

Finally there's a short segment with natural bodybuilder and dancer Rikki Rife, posing and flexing in black vinyl lingerie, and showing off her powerful pneumatic pins.

- Elle Elle

Review by Davemeister.
Newsgroup: alt.amazon-women.admirers.

Hello all you muscle fans,

It's time to take a look at Builtmore's latest offering, Maxine Legroom 7, "Vice Quad". Hmmm, now it has been a while since we've seen a production totally devoted to the lower half of the amazon's anatomy. This video's recipe aims to give you a heavy dosage of quads, thighs, hamstrings, and calves, with just a touch of upper body flex appeal, oh yeah, and a dash of lift and carry! All packaged nicely into a one hour video sure to get your pulse pounding.

Okay, so the video isn't the fastest paced product out there. And yes, you have seen posing tapes before, but Vice Quad offers you an inside look at a whole new group of amazon babes complete with fitness calibre muscle, all the way on up to the super densely muscled Lithuanian, Natalia. Oh before I forget, Builtmore is constantly striving to achieve a fresh new "attitude" with their tapes. While I think there is still room for improvement, I must say the humour on this tape is very good. From the opening scene which depicts an innocent girl and her boyfriend walking down the street being stalked by a leg lover with a camcorder, to the scene with an old lady giving a certain blonde-haired bodybuilder a real hard time, this tape will make you laugh out loud while you admire the muscle on these attractive women.

After the stalking scene, we are treated to a huge muscle goddess known as Natalia. She has just come to America from Lithuania, and boy was a fine American import she is! She is absolutely stunning in the opening scene wearing an incredible leather and lace black outfit. As she walks down the street, she looks like a comic book super heroine come to life. Her quads and calves are so thick and muscular, that you can see them rub together when she walks seductively down the beautiful L.A. beach front. We ain't talking fat legs here folks, just really, really big tree trunk legs which could probably press a bus, they're so strong. Builtmore has taken some advice from us by including the original dialog of the models on this tape, rather than just covering it with music. Watching Natalia walk down the beach front in the afternoon sunset is breathtaking. It is interesting to watch others pass her, especially guys whose legs look like toothpicks next to this brunette bombshell. Her bronzed skin just glows in the sunlight, and her presence is so captivating that she causes everyone who walks past her to just turn and stare at her. Can you blame them?! She gives an interview with Evan Williams, in which she discusses her love for America and her desire to win many bodybuilding competitions. We are the lucky beneficiaries of this vixen's desire to sculpt the biggest, hardest body she can. I'd love to see her in contest shape. Youch!!!

We move on to a couple of segments featuring two beautiful girls who demonstrate just how strong their legs really are, via my favourite genre of muscle worship, lift and carry! First, we see the cute blonde (teen?!) Jennifer Smith, who brags that she can leg press 800 pounds and bench 115! Well, talk about a powerhouse. She is adorable, and you will love listening to her charming southern accent. Wearing a black tee-shirt and cut off jeans, Jen flexes her calves and other leg muscles for us, before demonstrating her incredible strength by doing the patented "Pete Bliss legpress" with two people! Yup, she presses two people at once! Watch as her quads explode with muscle, all while maintaining a smile on her lovely face. She also does single leg presses on a near two hundred pound man, with ease. Jennifer follows up by stretching her powerful legs, which again showcase the muscles that she's worked so hard to get. Finally, she does some standing calf raises, and the cutest thing happens when the guy jumps on her back. She just keeps doing the calf raises like know one is on her! Great strength from this charismatic blonde.

Ahh, but it gets even better. I occasionally fall real hard for a girl in one of these videos, and Kirstie was no exception. There is something about this gorgeous long-haired brunette that just rocks my world. In the tradition of Jennifer, Kirstie's segment focusses on lifts and carries which put her tanned and toned legs to the ultimate test. First she starts by piggy-backing a much larger guy and doing calf raises and squats with him. It looks like he could sit on her back without her hands there to hold him in place. Her calves are extremely shapely and muscular. In the next scene, she kneels under a guy, and then stands up putting the guy on her back in the process. It looks very erotic for a lift and carry. She effortlessly does squats and calf raises over and over again, the muscles seemingly getting larger and more pumped with each passing rep. Kirstie had me hooked one she began doing the "Pete Bliss leg press". Rep after rep with minimal effort, I'm telling you this girl is strong! And did I mention how cute she is? She is like the all American girl next door, with muscle! I thought it couldn't get better, but I was wrong. Wait until she carries a 185 pound guy on her shoulders and squats him over and over again! Then Kirstie gives an interview to end all interviews. She confidently brags about her muscular arms and legs, and about how she can lift the heaviest of guys. In fact she tells us to watch her next video, when she will carry two guys at once! Hey, I'm waiting…

After that wonderful supply of action, we get to watch Jenny, well sort of. For the entire segment, all we get to see is her lower body, which needless to say, rocks with muscular development. Her legs, while not particularly defined, are very large. When she does some calf raises on the steps, you can watch as the muscles pop from her 17" calves! It would have been nice to see what she looks like, but I guess there was a reason we never saw her upper body! (joke)

This segment is followed up by an active mother of one, Kathy, who doesn't seem to know exactly what she's doing. In fact, during her entire posing routine she bears a look of confusion on her face. But who cares? Her calves are great! They are lean and muscular, probably from all of the athletics she participates in. She likes to keep active and it really shows. This brunette poses in a black spandex outfit with clear see through high heel shoes. She talks about the comments people make with regards to her legs. I don't blame them one bit for noticing! You will too when you see her flex em for the camera.

Prepare yourselves, because this next segment left me in stitches. A gorgeous, stunning bodybuilder, Che, with gluts to die for and an overall body chiselled in granite makes her way down the street. Well, while we're admiring her buns and legs, in the tiny bikini she sports, the passerby's are getting quite an eyeful. The fun begins when she walks back towards the building from which she emerged. An elderly woman walks beside her and starts insulting her by saying she may as well walk around naked. Che, in a classy act pretty much ignores her comments, including insults hurled by the woman about the depiction of woman in society, blah, blah, blah. While I agree with the woman in principle, her comments towards Che were not warranted, but everyone seems to get a good laugh out of the situation, and Che continues to strut her stuff, much to our amusement. This sultry blonde has stunning looks and her beautiful golden skin is remarkable. The muscles bulge from her body and yes she is extremely purportioned and defined. I think she has one of the best physiques I've seen in a long time. Her deadly calves and quads will leave you drooling for more and you'll wish you could have been walking down the street when they were filming this!

Vice Quad follows this superb scene up with a couple of "less inspiring" professional models. Both gals boast some pretty good leg development, but are not really into what they're doing. Plus, after seeing Che, you can't help but think these gals are a little out of place. However they provide a nice change of pace, and for worshippers of fitness type muscle, these girls are yours for the taking. The tape finishes strong with a segment featuring the one and only Rikki Rife. Proud of her upper body development (which is getting more impressive each day!) she flexes her biceps over and over again for your viewing pleasure. This blonde's charisma and charm is captivating and you will be glued to the television as she flexes her arms and legs with smooth moves, guaranteed to get your hormones in a rampage. Too bad her segment is not longer. Oh well, I guess we got to see enough to satisfy our cravings for one day!

Maxine Legroom 7, Vice Quad, boasts a wide variety of models and posing routines, each designed to show off the lower body to its fullest. While some segments were stretched out a little too much, such as Natalia's opening, there was enough action, thanks to the lift and carry material to keep the tape lively and entertaining. I would like to see the concept behind posing tapes changed to include other material more frequently, but this tape is a strong effort in the right direction. For those of you who admire legs above all else, this tape is for you. You will get an ample supply of muscle, while being thoroughly entertained by the antics of passers-by like the elderly woman. Get your copy by visiting www.builtmore.com


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