Maxine Legroom - vol. 8
Innocent Tease

Muscular rock climber Katherine with her bulging calves, lovely Erin with her shapely arms, beautiful, tanned Shannon, the ever-popular Catherine Case and more...

Running time: 60 minutes

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Maxine Legroom - vol. 8

In person, Katherine appears to be a mere slip of a girl with a sweet face, slender model's figure and modest demeanor. Volume 8's leadoff lady doesn't fool us for long, however. An accomplished rock climber, she possesses the high strength-to-weight ratio to conquer mountains, and peaks throughout Europe, Australia and North America have succumbed to her muscular charms. Rock-hard thighs, bulging calves and deceptively massive shoulders are the giveaway. When she flexed her calves for our intrepid camera crew, the sonic boom was heard over most of L.A. A quiet stroll along a westside walkway is a study in barely-contained energy and low afternoon light accents the legs capable of navigating a high- altitude outcropping. But we can't help wondering: when confronted with an obstacle, does she climb over it? Or, believing no one is looking, does she simply crush it with those calves? You decide.

Lovely Erin has a tough act to follow and succeeds with flying colors. She has, perhaps, the sexiest, shapliest arms in all creation. No they're not the biggest, nor are they "ripped". They're just... beautiful. Combined with the sweet winning smile of the ideal girl-next-door, Erin could melt the heart of a county tax collector. Of course, failing that, those arms could apply a formidable choke- hold. (No, no, folks - we're just kidding. Really... ) Erin has legs, too. In fact, it's rumored she trains with Katherine - crushing rocks with her thighs. But it's those arms and her smile that will steal your heart.

Striding into the zoom lens - and into our hearts, the beautiful tanned legs of Shannon put sleek, shapely muscle into the simple act of walking. Quivering quadriceps and flexing calves dominate this short-shorts segment which concludes with a brief demo on leg care. No, gentlemen, she doesn't need any help applying the lotion. No one is sorrier than your cameraman.

Look up the verb "strut" in any dictionary. Scholarly. Dull. Devoid of imagery. You want strut? Look it up in Maxine Legroom. This new video of the ever-popular Catherine Case is a riveting demo. Here is swagger that will bring your seat backs and tray tables to their full upright positions in a hurry. Diamond-cut calves flexing, smile flashing and high heels clicking along one of California's best beach walks, Catherine knocks those "Baywatch" babes right off their paddleboards. This is a welcome reprise for fans of one of legdom's icons.

Our limbfest concludes with with a guest appearance by another leg icon, tanned and sensuous Kim Poteat. This time she demonstrates how she has been keeping her magnificent legs in perfect condition since we last saw them. Lots of lotion, lovingly applied on every delectable square inch is the ill-kept secret. Just window light on a languid, rainy Saturday afternoon. Oops - she missed a spot. Better do the right leg over - slowly this time...Why does it have to take so looong?

When a newly-released movie "takes off" at the box office, Hollywood insiders are wont to say it "has legs". Innocent Tease has LEGS! - in capital letters. To quote Baretta, "You can take that to the bank."

Davemeister Reviews Innocent Tease

Fans of natural muscle have often wondered why there aren't more amazon flicks devoted to their favourite lean and muscular gals. Builtmore Productions, Inc. has catered to this large and dedicated group of muscle lovers in the past, but with their recent release of Innocent Tease, they've shown that a sixty minute film composed entirely of naturally muscular women can hold its own on all accounts. This provocative look at the lighter end of the bodybuilding spectrum is the eighth installment in the popular Maxine Legroom series, and features two incredibly beautiful and athletic women.

The tape begins with Katherine, a rock climber from England, who sports the most lean and ripped calves you'll ever find on a non-bodybuilder. Her incredible legs will captivate you, as she poses for the cameras outdoors. Her lean and muscular frame is well proportioned. Standing 5'7" and weighing in at 120 pounds, Katherine is the epitome of feminine athleticism. She sports a pretty face, with long, muscular legs, tight abdominals, and even a lean pair of arms. Her legs are shown to the max as she sits in a chair flexing her calves from every possible angle, while the camera person, giddy with happiness snaps away.

Following this thorough leg tribute, Katherine walks up and down the street in a revealing outfit, with a pair of high heel shoes (which seems to be mandatory in a leg video.) This part of the tape is very slow paced, however, Katherine manages to hold the viewer's interest simply because of her incredible leg development. The pace picks up a notch when she begins lifting and carrying her much larger boyfriend. He is very tall and in good shape himself, which makes it spectacular to watch, as the smaller gal carries him up and down the sidewalk! Katherine gives him a piggyback ride, some straight up lifts, a couple of cradle carries, and an over the shoulder lift. The segment could have been much stronger had Katherine understood how to perform the lifts correctly. She simply "muscled" him up, and his lack of balance, combined with her lack of skill made for some awkward looking lifts. I have no doubt that Katherine is strong enough to do them, but she just didn't get into it, leaving me begging for more lifts (which we'll probably never get to see from her...oh well!) Her segment ends with a lengthy interview in which she discusses everything from rock climbing, to travelling, to her days in university, and so on. However, most of the time the camera just focussed in on her face, not even revealing her body from the neck down. I don't necessarily understand the logic behind that, but I guess it leaves a lot to our imaginationů

Erin, a muscular 140 pound natural bodybuilder, is one of the most beautiful women sporting a well developed physique that you'll ever see. She lives a very clean life and preaches the benefits of healthy eating, going to church, spending time with friends, and exercising. Wearing a sexy white outfit, Erin combs her hair in front of the camera for a full five minutes! Don't worry, you won't be bored, because the biceps that pop out of those arms will blow you away! She has the ability to pose sensually, while still giving us exactly what we want; muscle, muscle, and more muscle! After her hair combing expedition, Erin presents a fantastic series of poses, focussing mainly on her well developed arms, and her thick and muscular legs. Bicep lovers will be swept away by her shapely arms. Erin's segment concludes with more muscle posing, this time in an eye catching two piece floral bathing suit. Erin's smile lights up the screen, and her body will no doubt light up your life!

Following these two feature girls, Innocent Tease includes some brief segments courtesy of the Legato Archives. First off, we get Shannon, an attractive, lean and muscular girl, with diamond shaped calves and a beautifully tanned physique. She rubs oil on her rock hard calves and will leave you drooling with lust as she prances up and down the city sidewalks. Katherine (no, not the rock climber) also sports an impressive set of calves. Her long blonde hair and chiselled physique make her the quintessential "California girl." The only drawback with Katherine is that the camera never got close enough for us to really appreciate her wonderful "assets." The tape concludes with a provocative scene, featuring Kim, a beautiful, charismatic gal, with some of the finest gams in the business! Kim knows exactly how to tease a guy, with her sensual dialogue and "in your face" attitude. You'll drool over her magnificent body, as she flexes her calves in every way imaginable. I was dying to see her flex her arms, but alas she never did. Oh well, that's about the only drawback I could find with her. Overall, Maxine Legroom 8: Innocent Tease is a fine testament to the beauty of naturally muscular women. While it is a slower paced video than most, it does present a nice variety of women, and the few lifts and carries in Katherine's segment livened it up. Fans of fitness and natural muscle will not be disappointed, so pick up your copy of Innocent Tease today!

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