Maxine Legroom - vol. 9

Starring: Tanya, Julie, Angela, Mia, Lin and a cameo appearance by Cindy from "Bootleg". Continues the tradition of excellence in leg modelling videos from Builtmore Productions.

Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Maxine Legroom - vol. 9

Starring: Tanya, Julie, Angela, Mia, Lin and a cameo appearance by Cindy from "Bootleg".

Continuing the tradition of excellence in leg modelling videos is the goal of Builtmore Production's recent release, Maxine Legroom 9: Legwork. This 90 minute video is a compilation of some of the most attractive and muscular women in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. The video, much like it's eight predecessors focusses on the lower half of the female anatomy. Of prime interest to the camera's lens are the calves, thighs, and hamstrings of these bronzed beauties. The tape is primarily based on muscle posing, runway modelling, and of course lift and carry, which showcases not only the extraordinary physiques of the ladies, but also their incredible strength and athleticism!

The first model featured, is a gorgeous dark-haired beauty named Tanya. She sits on a backwards chair, flexing her incredibly thick and muscular calves for the camera, in what has become the trademark position of Builtmore leg models. Her long flowing locks extend just past her muscular and defined shoulders, and beautifully shaped arms. As impressive as her upper body is, the lower body is definitely her bragging feature. She possesses two of the most muscular calves you'll ever see on a fitness model. In fact, I looked at those calves and wanted to say "MOOOOOOO!!!" They give new meaning to the term "diamond shaped calves" because they are so defined that she doesn't even need to flex them to see the shape and hardness.

Tanya's exotic looks will make her very attractive to those of you who aren't all that interested in the traditional blonde haired blue eyed beauties. She walks down the street in a pair of heels and a summer dress which contrasts wonderfully with her deep, rich tan. You will not be able to take your eyes of her legs, which is alright, because you get a good ten minutes of runway modelling in order to save wear and tear on your VCR's rewind button. As Tanya's segment progresses, we are treated to an interview with her and her husband (too bad) and even her baby! It's fascinating to look at her physique and think that she has such incredible shape and tone for someone who just recently gave birth. Such is the life of a fitness model. The only thing I find distracting about the interview is the constant close up on her face, with no panning down to catch the rest of her body. This is frustrating since the primary focus of the tape is her physique, not really her face. However, right after the interview she does some calf raises outdoors which show off her calves yet again. Trust me, you'll never get bored of them!

Next up is the symmetrically perfect Julie. This girl sports a very athletic looking physique, one that could easily pass for a female rugby player or Olympic swimmer. Julie has wide, muscular shoulders, sleek and shapely arms, and of course legs that just don't quit! Her long flowing brown hair, extends down her v-tapered back, adding to an already complete package of beauty and brawn. Julie walks down the street, where the camera catches each and every muscular contour of her fantastic body. Her outfit, a spandex top, with a short skirt, allows for complete visibility of her rock hard legs, which are made even more attractive by her high heels. Julie has a beautiful smile and lights up the screen simply with her presence.

Julie then sits down on a chair, legs crossed, wearing a pair of dark shades. She looks absolutely incredible, as her left calf muscle pops out of her leg as she sits there casually looking off into the distance. However, what follows next is perhaps one of the most attractive muscle worshipping scenes I've ever viewed. Julie combs her hair and her beautiful biceps peak out of her arms over and over again. They are the most sexy and shapely arms on a non-bodybuilder I have ever seen. Julie then poses on a ladder and flexes her calves time and time again. Builtmore obviously saw the potential in this girl's muscular frame and exploited it to the fullest.

The follow up to Julie is the dark-complected leg model, Angela. Angela is first featured strictly from the waist down. She flexes her calves which pop into beautiful heart-shaped muscles many times. Then we are taken to a black leather couch, where angel begins to "feel herself up" so to speak, by caressing her pillars of persuasion (ie. her legs!) while seated on the couch. She then does bicycle maneuvers, where her legs are extended and flexed in various ways so as to show off her hamstring and calf definition. Angela seems quite proud of her legs, and you will enjoy watching her show them off, even if the segment does go on a little too long for my taste.

Next on the agenda is Mia. This beautiful auburn-haired beauty has very shapely legs, with calves that seem to overwhelm the rest of her lower half. She is definitely not a bodybuilder, but sports a fantastically toned physique nonetheless. Her calves definitely are the most attractive feature on her, with her gluts following a close second. Mia talks about people's eaction to her and how she's always asked what she does to have such shapely calves. Her answer may frustrate you if you're trying to get in shape, because Mia has to do very little to keep herself in shape. She claims it is all genetics. After looking at her awesome extremities, you will be thanking her parents for their contribution to her! Mia then poses on a ladder, complete with tricep dips, calf raises, and other flex-type exercises. Her two piece black bathing suit leaves very little to the imagination. I enjoyed her segment, with the exception of one thing: not a single bicep shot in the whole thing! She looks to have decent arms, and it would have been nice if she showed them off, even if only for a brief moment. After the studio work, Mia travels down the sunny California streets alongside a shorter African American male in uniform. They discuss her physique, interests, and other assorted goodies, all the while having the camera focus on her luscious legs!

Blonde babes are your cup of tea? Look no further than Lin, an aerobics instructor, who sports shoulder length blonde hair, and a body to die (maybe even kill) for! Lin has a very well-balanced physique, complete with a muscular back, which is displayed beautifully in her colourful bathing suit. Her arms and legs aren't too shabby either! All of her muscle is packed into a tight 135 pound frame, complete with a classy tattoo just below her belly button. Her bronzed skin has to be the most attractive shade of "tan" I've seen on a fitness instructor in a long time. Lin does some runway modelling, but unfortunately not much else. However, you can see her flex her biceps and calves in some superb still shot photos available at www.builtmore.com and www.davemeister.com.

Maxine Legwork 9: Legwork ends with a cameo appearance from Cindy. Cindy is the extraordinary leg model featured exclusively in Builtmore's Bootleg. I won't go into describing her here, as you can read about that in the Bootleg review. However, I must compliment Builtmore on a strong finish to a very enjoyable leg video. Maxine Legroom continues to set the standard for lower torso muscle worship. The action is not as fast paced as other videos, however, the women featured are second to none and will captivate you with their voluptuous bodies and sparkling personalities. A definite must have for collectors of Maxine Legroom videos.

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