Area Code 925

A collection of beautiful women from the San Francisco bay area with powerful legs and calves.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Area Code 925

A collection of beautiful women from the San Francisco bay area with powerful legs and calves.

KELLY, a blonde bodybuilder with strong, cut legs and thick, hard calves, poses first outside in a black mini-skirt and black pumps, then moves inside to adjust things on a high shelf wearing high heels and a see through mesh dress over thong bikini as she goes up on tip-toes and flexes her calves to get what she's reaching for. Later she lies on bed on her stomach, glutes covered only by her thong, and flexes her calves. A great view.

STEPHANIE, a tall, redheaded kickboxer/ wrestler, with long toned legs and great calves, poses and walks up and down stairs, then poses with and climbs a ladder. Later, mysterious hands massage her calves, and then Stefanie oils and caresses them.

ROBYN is a study in contrasts. She might look like a school teacher, but behind that mild face is a mischievous mind, and under that modest gray skirt she's got the legs of an amazon; powerful quads and the hardest, most defined calves on the tape. She poses on the stairs and on a ladder, flexing until her diamonds pop every facet. She gets a calve massage too, but the hands don't even make a dent.

LONNIE is a sweet, beautiful, black fitness model with full, round calves and toned legs, she poses first in denim shorts and a white top, then really pours it on in a short black mini dress that really shows off her curves. She flexes on her tip toes and in high heels, reaches for things in high cabinets, then oils and massages her legs.

TERI is a tall brunette is a super sexy silver mini-skirt and top and six inch stiletto heels. She walks her long, lean legs through a park, then takes a pose tour through a beautiful house and ends up on the bed, turning and raising her lovely legs to show off every angle.

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