Bootleg: Pedagogical

Featuring Cindy, a gorgeous blonde, 5'7" muscular beauty, flexing and walking.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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I remember saying "oh, oh" to myself as I popped Builtmore's latest release, Bootleg, into my VCR and pressed play. What I saw was a girl with the most awesome pair of legs I have yet seen in any amazon flick. Great, you say! Yes, but what scared me was that all I saw was this "leg-ally" gifted girl from the waist down. Cindy, the star of this sixty minute leg worship video, seemed to me by all accounts to be gifted in the leg department while possessing less than attractive features in the upper half of her torso. Boy, was I wrong!

Cindy, a gorgeous blonde, 5'7" muscular beauty, weighs in at an incredibly solid 140 pounds. Let me tell you folks, there isn't a pound of her out of place! Builtmore was just teasing us by shooting her lower body for the first ten minutes of film. They were setting us up to take in the whole package. And with Cindy, taking in the whole package all at once can cause heart palpitations! She is absolutely one of the most stunning physical specimens ever to grace my television monitor. Her calves bulge with shapely granite-like definition. One could assume the term "diamond-shaped" calves originated with Cindy.

Walking down the sun-drenched California sidewalks, this leg goddess's calves and hamstrings flex and contract with each step she takes. Her irresistible attraction is further accentuated by her knowing look of confidence. That's right...she knows you want her, she knows she's got the looks, she knows she's got the body, and she knows how to show it all off! At first glance, you may say, well, there's a million other beautiful girls out there with legs like Cindy. Wrong! There is only one, and you will agree when you see her walk along the sandy beaches, her heart-shaped calves bouncing up and down with each passing stride.

While Cindy is the only girl featured in Bootleg, the various scenic locations will provide additional interest as you sit mesmerized in front of your television admiring the physical attributes of this gifted athlete. After several minutes of walking up and down the city streets, Cindy shows off her muscular development by sitting in a chair and flexing her calves up and down, time and time again. This scene, in which the chair's back is against the model's chest, has become a trademark pose of Builtmore talent. Cindy, much like the incredible Katherine in Innocent Tease, shows that her calves are second to none!

Back in the studio, Cindy lies down on a black leather sofa, and wraps her python-like legs around the head of her biggest admirer. This gentleman, featured in several Builtmore releases, marvels at the amount of muscle which Cindy possesses. He begins to squeeze her legs and then actually licks them! The next few minutes are perhaps among the most erotic muscle worshipping scenes ever produced. He seemingly is getting "high" on her calves, and who could blame him? You may not be able to handle the steam of the scene, so I suggest turning away from your TV...of course don't turn away too long or you'll miss some of the extraordinary close-ups of Cindy's bronzed pillars of amazon persuasion!

As Bootleg continues, we see Cindy walking up and down a set of steps, where her calves bulge with unprecedented intensity. She repeats this motion several times, slowly, so as to allow you plenty of time to take it all in. All of these segments are a little too long for my taste. In fact, considering that there was no mixed wrestling, lifting, or even upper body posing (a double bicep shot would have made the tape complete!) I began to lose focus. However, the positive thing of these longer segments is that you won't need to rewind the tape to see a good scene again, because there is plenty of opportunity in the sixty minutes to see every single facet of her incredible physique

Finally, Cindy returns to the studio, and while showing off her legs with the aid of a ladder, she gives an interesting interview. She touches on various topics including how others perceive her in social contexts, how her friends and family, (yes, she has a boyfriend, sorry guys!) view her dedication to weight training, and how people approach her in public on a daily basis. Get this...Cindy didn't just get her body with luck...she works out 5 hours each and every day! Yup, she even runs 13 miles daily to keep her legs in tip top condition. This is truly unheard of dedication. And I'm not the only one who admires her enthusiasm for bodybuilding, because the gentleman from the beginning of the tape returns to massage Cindy's "Titanic calves" in the final segment of Bootleg.

The two of them interact with a somewhat comedic script which was obviously written before hand. Of course, there came a point where I wasn't sure if he was just "acting" or whether his interest in Cindy was truly genuine. He strokes her muscular legs time and time again, and kisses her calves with unbridled passion! This final segment added some much needed excitement to an otherwise slow paced video. Bear in mind that this is a muscle worship tape, and therefore, if you expect to see excitement and non-stop action, this will not do it for you. This tape is for those that are truly mesmerized by the concept of women possessing unheard of muscularity. You will have ample opportunity to worship Cindy's tight, tanned and toned body. A definite addition to any amazon admirer's leg video collection!

- Davemeister

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