alt.amazon.supermodels - vol. 1
Dragana Has Landed

Featuring 6'2 DRAGANA, posing and towering over a much shorter woman, 6'2 DIANA MEIER, and 6'5 ZRINKA ... lots of height comparisons, hand comparisons, feet comparisons and strength comparisons. Great footage.

Running time: 60 minutes

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alt.amazon.supermodels - vol. 1

Review by Nom de Plume

Newsgroup: alt.amazon-women.admirers

I just bought the latest video from BuiltMore Productions.It is called alt.amazon.supermodels. That is the name of the video. It opens with 6ft2 Dragana, a knockout woman walking and standing next to a petite woman more than a foot shorter. There is a segment of 6ft2 Diana Meier with a much shorter woman and it has lots of hand comparisons, feet comparisons and strength comparisons. Great footage. There are other terrific tall models. It ends with the incomparable Zrinka who is 6ft5 and is wearing 3" heels. She is shown in a doorway where her head touches the top of the doorway. Very good video. I found it at www.builtmore.com.


Let me tell you all what a pleasure it has been to view the Builtmore Productions, Inc. tape called "alt.amazon.supermodels"...and let me say up front, these women are truly "amazon supermodels"…

I first encountered DRAGANA...6'2" tall...175-180 pounds of pure feminine amazonic pulchritude...this girl is huge...huge...but totally sexy! i would estimate her at 6'6"tall at least, with her heels on...and the height comparison between her and a "little woman"...4'11" tamara, is awesome…

DRAGANA absolutely towers over tamara...and she dwarfs her in size...you have got to see the comparisons of the women standing back to back...the top of tamara's head comes all the way up to DRAGANA'S armpit...and not a centimeter further!! awww...too bad...DRAGANA'S body is full, and round, and so well built...that she makes the "little one" look like a child...and the smaller woman is fully grown! imagine yourself putting your arms around the small woman...very nice!! and then do the same with DRAGANA ...no comparison...she would totally encompass you...she would be hard to hold..she is so statuesque..its hard for her to get in and out of a sports car...a very interesting segment of the tape...i still can't believe the size of DRAGANA'S thigh, compared to the "little woman".

The next segment has an amazon that has to be one of the best built women i have ever seen...she stands approximately 6'2" in her heels...that may not sound tall for a woman...compared to some of builtmore's amazons...but come on...picture yourself with a woman 6'2" tall in heels...whew!!! and the body is incredible!! she walks back and forth before the camera, and what a wiggle from behind...not many women i have ever seen with legggggggs like these...strong..thick..but totally a woman…

Also a segment with diana meyer...another 6'2" amazon..who totally steals the show from her height comparison partner...and the partner is a compact, well built little woman...who just can't cut it in the comparison segment...her arms are too thin...her legs are too short...and her body is so small...compared to the amazonic diana...who stops at nothing to tell the little model that she is insignificant by comparison...i love the part where the little woman tries to push diana around...it would be like hitting a brick wall...the body size comparisons...(thigh,ankle,wrist,arms,) etc...are very exciting!

finally, my favorite builtmore girl of all time comes back to visit...zrinka...and get this...she is 6'5" tall...barefoot...really, no lie...6'5" ...and with her 4-5 inch heels...she is only as tall as the doorway she stands in...her head can touch the top...just how tall is that? go stick your head in a doorway and look up..and up..and up...zrinka has probably some of the longest leggggggggs i have ever seen...i would estimate an inseam of 38 inches or more...any idea how long that is...most women probably are 26-28 inches...zrinka is legggggs on top of leggggs…

Hey...don't take my word for it...check out www.builtmore.com....that's where i found these amazons...you may never look at a shorter woman again!


Running time: one hour; video format: VHS.

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