Instant Muscles - vol. 1
Just Add Exersize

Instant Muscles became Instant Attraction! ...some of the finest physiques I've seen...Features Dawn Brainard, Marika Johansson, Deborah Compton, Michelle Ivers.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Instant Muscles - vol. 1

I had the opportunity to check out Builtmore's Instant Muscles. Needless to say, Instant Muscles became Instant Attraction! The women in this tape represent some of the finest physiques I've seen in any posing tape in a long time. Not to mention that, but there are also some pretty gorgeous faces to complement those impressive physiques. The reason I found out about this tape was because I had posted a picture of teen bodybuilding sensation Marika Johansson. I subsequently learned that she was featured in this tape, and that was all I needed! The tape begins with a brunette named Dawn Brainard, who weighs in at a shapely contest weight of 135 pounds. She has won several competitions, and is a highschool teacher. Geez, I wish I could be taking a course from her, talk about a hands on experience! (Just a joke, heehee). Recently she came in third place in the Iron Maiden heavyweight class. Dawn poses in different outfits including a stars and stripes getup and an all black outfit. Great biceps on this attractive gal. Interesting choice of music; it sounds like something you'd hear on the Dukes of Hazard, or at the county fair. She's got a nice deep tan on her, which rounds out a top physique. She also does some bicep pumps, which for many guys like myself, is the ultimate turn-on. Dawn does some calf raises, and then poses sitting down, in heels, exposing her defined leg muscles in a whole new light.

Following Dawn is Deborah Compton, who stands 5'3" and weighs 150 pounds. She's from Australia and she is huge for her height (actually for any height!) Her arms will make your jaw drop. Deborah's biceps are huge, and her triceps will blow your mind. She has won many contests and is a personal trainer and model. This gal is for those that want extreme muscle. You could watch a drive in movie on her back, that's how wide her lats are. She poses in a string black bikini, with matching high heel shoes. The first part of her segment focuses on her extraordinary upper body. Then we get to see her striated thighs, rock hard glutes, and bulging calf muscles. Of course by that point, you'll already be needing mouth to mouth to revive you.

Ahh, the lovely Marika Johansson. The girl that started it all for me. She weighs 75 kilos (didn't say in pounds, but I'm guessing about 175) offseason, and 63 kilos in contest form. She is interviewed by a female who asks her about bodybuilding competitions, and other interests. Marika is a 5'9", blonde beauty that will have you wondering why you haven't moved to Sweden yet to persue her! But before your hormones go on a rampage, remember that she has a son that is seven years old. Of course, you'd never know it looking at her incredible physique. This woman is the epitome of strong, shapely and beautiful. Got to love those Swedes! She poses in an interesting striped yellow and blue outfit, which complements her luscious golden blond locks. Her posing is very energetic, and she shows that she has plenty of experience showing off her bulging muscles. Wait until you see her in red high heels, YOUCH!!!

Victoria Lestenko, from Greece, is the next beauty to grace our screens. And when I say beauty, I mean beauty! She won the LA Championships, both her division and the overall the very first time she entered it! She is a university student, and plays piano, among other things. They show her combing her hair, and bless those peaked biceps. She has two of the most beautiful arms I have ever seen. The black dress she poses in is a knockout. Check out the tanned muscular legs under that. She is so hard and proportioned, you'll think she was carved from granite. I just can't believe how solid she looks. You bicep lovers out there will never be the same again! At the end she does a sensual hair combing routine with music to complement it, and she knows how to turn you on with just the right amount of flexing to make those biceps explode.

Michelle Ivers=simply huge. It's that simple. Her vascularity is amazing. She must have eighteen inch arms and veins popping out of her left and right! Ain't no fat on this woman. Not to mention her thickness. She is the definition of an amazon. When you look at her from the waist down, you can't help to think legs like Tina Lockwood, but way more vascular. The backdrop for the second part of her segment is beautiful. I don't know where Builtmore taped this, but I'd love to visit! Oh yeah, Michelle poses in a white miniskirt with black top, and you gotta feel sorry for the clothing. Why? Cause the muscles seem ready to burst through it at any time!

Overall, this tape is a winner. While I'd like to still see changes made with the production process, and editing (such as getting rid of some of the music), I think the women on this tape will take you into another world of muscle worship, the likes of which you've never seen before (boy I'm just a little too dramatic aren't I?) For pure muscle lovers this is the tape to get. However, remember that it is strictly a posing tape, so for those who hope to see a little more action, check out another tape.

Visit Builtmore Productions, Inc. at www.builtmore.com to get your copy of Instant Muscles.

Review by Davemeister.
Newsgroup: alt.amazon-women.admirers

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