Instant Muscles - vol. 2
Make a Muscle

Lady Musclebuilders Taunt the Paparazzi! Featuring Anna, Dianne, Mary, Carolyn, Elaine and Delia

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Instant Muscles - vol. 2

Lady Musclebuilders Taunt thePaparazzi

Featuring Anna, Dianne, Mary, Carolyn, Elaine and Delia

Six buff beauties parade and pump for you on this power-packed 90 minute tape.

ANNA, a blonde Swede, sexy and solid at 5'6" and 162 pounds, struts her stuff, first in a red bikini then later in high heels, mini-skirt and revealing mesh-backed halter. Check out her super-thick and shapely legs.

DIANE, also blonde, 5'6" and 162 pounds, but looking longer and leaner, starts out posing in a stars-and-stripes bikini on the street and in the studio, then switches to high-heels and a hot, black spaghetti-strap mini-dress. Great over-all structure and delts to die for.

MARY, an effervescent police-woman from Long-Beach, shares life-on-the-beat anecdotes and shows off her sculptured 5'9" 129 pound physique. A pretty brunette, she displays her clean lines and tight abs, first in a green posing suit, and then a sexy, hot-pink bikini. Style and class.

CAROLYN, a 5'6" 118 pound blonde beauty, is our second police woman. A tough, all natural competitor, she performs in a midriff-baring black tank-top and skin-tight bike shorts, then takes us to the gym to work out her well defined biceps. Great arms and graceful moves.

ELAINE, a strapping 5'8" 172 pound blonde from the north of England, pumps and poses in a school yard, wearing high heels, snake-skin shorts, and a matching, mesh-backed halter. She's massive, with huge biceps and triceps. Raw female power.

DELIA, a 5'0" 120 pound Asian brunette, is bursting with full, round muscles, great abs, and astounding calves! Dressed in a cropped blue tank-top, sneakers and tight black shorts, she poses on a roof-top, then flaunts those amazing calves by walking up and down stairs. Heaven.

Elle Elle

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