Instant Muscles - vol. 3

An amazing group of muscular women posing and flexing while being interviewed.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Instant Muscles - vol. 3

MICHELLE T. is a sweet faced black woman with great structure, proportion and symmetry, and big muscles too! She poses down at the brickyard, working up a sweat in a cropped yellow top that shows off a deep well defined six pack, and black spandex shorts that reveal powerful, vascular legs. She's got a great all around body. A bodybuilder's bodybuilder.

MICHELLE I. is the queen of the big guns and incredible vascularity. Wearing a pretty sundress, she pumps his fifteen inch biceps and 13 inch forearms until her veins writhe like snakes. Later she stands and shows us that she's not bad in the leg department either, going up on her toes to display big, rock hard calves.

KYM, is an Australian bodybuilding champion, blond, buff, tan and all natural. She walks up to a surf side rooftop in a tight black dress and high heels. She's lean and ripped, with long, strong legs, veiny arms and a stirated chest. Later she switches to a shiny blue bikini top and shorts outfit and we get a look at her washboard abs.

SANDRA, is a Brazilian she beast! The ultimate in female muscularity. She's got huge everything. Calves like soccer balls, quads like kegs, deep chest, biceps like softballs, and totally ripped. Onion skinned and massive. Amazing. She gives us a walking tour of her body, talking about the points of interest along the way. It's quite a trip.

ANTOINETTE is a raven haired beauty, solid and compact, with great lines. She poses by a lake in a black bikini, flexing strong arms and legs and her cobblestone, tattooed abs. She flexes and stretches after a run, then fools around in the pool, letting the water run down her beautiful glistening body.

AMY is a sexy brunette with a wild smile, a great sense of humor, and a dangerously revealing bikini. She poses on the Santa Monica pier, flexing thick arms, a super-wide lat spread, the roundest glutes on the west coast, and a great quad flair. She keeps up a funny running commentary as the camera wanders around her buff bod. Sexy, funny and strong.

- Elle Elle

Running time: 70 minutes

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