Pump N Circumstance

Body Modeling with Beate Dräbing, 5'9", 166 lbs.

Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Pump N Circumstance

Body Modeling with Beate Dräbing, 5'9", 166 lbs.

Wow! Nercy has found another amazing body for us to admire. The tape starts with Beate describing herself. Likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc., and then goes right into some amazing female body posing. Beate goes through her routine at what looks to be the pool area of a hotel. Great bicep close ups, lat spreads, hamstring curls. She really loves to show off. She is wearing a black bikini. She has the most amazing blue eyes but her eyes are not what you will focus on.

After about a half hour of posing by the pool she does a costume change into what looks like a Harley Davidson biker chic outfit. This outfit looks great on her. She starts with the leather jacket on but it is quickly removed to expose her incredible physique. Under the jacket is a one piece outfit that very nicely diplays her glutes with thong back. She does have great glutes (second picture from the left). After a little more posing by the pool she decides to take a walk around the neighborhood. Boy are those neighbors lucky! She takes a little stroll down the sidewalk, first coming at you. What a sight. Great quads and broad shoulders. The back view is what I enjoyed the most. She is still wearing the biker outfit and proudly displaying her incredible glutes. All the people on the street are thoroughly enjoying the show as well. She does some more posing in front of the building by some trees. This lady is trim and tone. This is definitely one to add to your collection.

- webmystro

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