alt.amazon.supermodels - vol. 2
Friends in High Places

A spectacular six-pack of statuesque beauties, every one a winner! Features former UCLA basketball star, 6' 5 ZRINKA, 6' CHIARA, a lush-lipped lovely with auburn hair and sparkling blue eyes, an English mother/daughter combo ALYSON (5' 11) and NICOLA (6'

Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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alt.amazon.supermodels - vol. 2

A spectacular six-pack of statuesque beauties, every one a winner.

First, a former UCLA basketball star, 6' 5" ZRINKA, blond and beautiful with striking eastern European features, high cheekbones and full lips, towers over her normal?sized friend as they walk down the street together. To further illustrate her astounding height, she poses in a doorway, and nearly brushes the lintel with her head as her very short red dress shows off her endless, incredible legs.

Second, 6' CHIARA, a lush-lipped lovely with auburn hair and sparkling blue eyes, prowls the streets in short blues shorts, revealing powerful thighs. She also talks about her days on the rowing crew in college and her life now as a tri-athlete.

Third and Forth, an English mother/daughter combo. Mom, ALYSON, is 5' 11" and in great shape, looking as lively and robust as her daughter, 6' 1" NICOLA, a perfect English rose, of the long stemmed variety. Her fine features and peaches and cream complexion are perfectly showcased by her pink mini-skirt and top. She shares amusing stories about the adventures her height has gotten her into and walks tall beside an average man, then she and mom book-end an average girl and leave her entirely in the shade.

Fifth is a beauty among beauties. 6' ROBIN has it all! A gorgeous blond with all-American movie-star looks, a long, lithe body-builder's physique with curves in all the right places, and the sexy contralto voice and pouty lips of Gina Davis! We see her first in a tight black top and mini skirt, walking with a tiny girl in the same outfit; almost a Mini-Robin. Next she puts on a bluebikini and walks boldly down the street, collecting stares and whistles. Who wouldn't whistle?

Sixth and last is a true exotic. MARINNE, 5' 10" is a jungle goddess from Finland. Tan, sultry, strong and impossibly curvy, with a leopard print one piece and her blond hair pulled up in a topknot, she's every man's dream of a panther queen. After telling a bit about herself, she wrestles a smaller man into submission, then slinks down the street, doing a heartstopping run-way sashay that's worth the price of the tape.

Packed full of towering goodness!

Elle Elle

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