Women's Airlift Command

Girls lifting guys and girls lifting girls. Features over half a dozen attractive muscular models and bodybuilders in lifts and carries action including surprise situations.

Running time: 55 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Women's Airlift Command

Girls lifting guys and girls lifting girls. Features over half a dozen attractive muscular models and bodybuilders in lifts and carries action including surprise situations. Check out all the basics as well as exotic multinateral lifts. "Hoistess" magazine has reviewed this work as "a contribution to the critique of body mechanics and human liftology."

Review by Davemeister.
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Hi everyone,

I just finished watching Builtmore's Women's Airlift Command, and I'm still in awe at what I saw. I'm telling you guys, if you haven't seen this tape yet, make sure it's on your priority list.It features the popular fitness model, the beautiful Christine Lydon (yup, she graced the cover of the recent Playboy's Hardbodies issue!) Christine is a very attractive blonde, who stands 5'5" and weighs 130 pounds. When you see her demonstrate her incredible strength by lifting a larger male, you will be amazed. Her segment begins with a short interview where she discusses her bodybuilding career. We then get right to the action, as she lifts a man every which way imaginable.

However, Builtmore knows how to get your heart pounding, so they only give us quick samples of her lifts at this point. This sets the whole mood for the tape, and leaves you begging for more.When you see how easily Christine is able to hoist a 160 pound man over her shoulder and squat him for reps, or how she can carry him in her arms like a little child, you will realize that this tape is a lift and carry fan's dream come true!

After the brief glimpse of Christine, we get to see a couple of pretty bodybuilders strut their stuff. First, Mary-Ann shows us just how powerful her muscular 155 pound physique really is. She carries a guy with such ease that you've got to wonder if this is even for real! But fear not my friends, because with the wonderful camera work from Builtmore, we get to see these lifts from every possible angle, and there are no camera tricks, just pure athletic prowess in action! Mary-Ann is able to carry the guy in her arms and squat him repeatedly. That doesn't seem hard enough, so the guy decides to climb onto her shoulders, where he sits proudly as she squats him and walks around with him.

Watch as she gives him a front-piggyback ride with such ease that she doesn't even have to use her arms to hold him! That is pretty impressive, and it is followed up with another great feat. Mary-Ann picks the guy up like a ballet lift, in which she lifts him by his hips, high into the air. Talk about your role reversal! How she does that boggles the mind, but wait until you see what happens next.

One of the most beautiful girls ever to grace the bodybuilding world, Theresa Anachierco, a tiny bundle of energy goes toe to toe with Mary-Ann and matches her lift for lift! She is absolutely gorgeous, and she picks up this guy who weighs substantially more than her a hundred different ways! She even manages to do the ballet lift several times. Your heart will melt when you catch Theresa's facial expressions while she squats the guy on her back. Her provocative stares are the ultimate turn-on.At the end of the segment the two girls "play" with the guy, passing him between each others' arms. Oh, and wait until you see Mary-Ann pick up both Theresa and the guy at the same time!

Remember Christine? There's no way you could forget. Well she's back for her second segment. Here, she puts her strength to the ultimate test as she does great lifts and holds the guy up for along time in many of them. Watch as she throws him over her shoulder and flexes her beautifully rounded biceps. She really makes it look easy, and I just can't get enough of the cradle carries...oh, and the piggybacks...oh, and the...well you get the idea.

Hold on to your hats, because here comes Deidre! That's right, Deidre Pagnanelli, the dark haired goddess shows us why she is without a doubt one of the most popular and famous fitness models in the world. She is sexy beyond belief as she poses and she does an erotic bicep flexing seen where she'll leave you drooling! While wearing a glamorous, sequined dress, she carries this guy around the room in her arms with a beautiful smile across her face. I can't describe the feeling of seeing her carry that guy effortlessly while in a dress and high heeled shoes. At the end of the segment, she does a cheerleading routine which will leave you breathless. Pretty amazing how much energy that girl has. Youch!

By now, you're thinking how much more can we see? Well, the video features several more segments from a great scene in which a woman carries a guy up and down the stairs, to a segment with a very strong girl who lifts a guy many ways, while walking around a room with him for what seems like an eternity! The way it looks, she could carry him all day. And for those of you who crave the big amazon bodybuilders, Women's Airlift Command has Joanne Lee, the explosive British body-builder who weighs in at a solid 185 pounds. She carries a tiny little man around with the smallest of efforts. Of course, she's twice his size, so it's easy to see why he looks like a tiny baby in her arms. Get Women's Airlift Command and decide for yourself which the stronger sex is!

- Davemeister

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