Gravity Girl

Non-stop lifting action from beginning to end. Features the gorgeous, tall, muscular, blonde Rose, who has her way with any guy she sees fit.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Gravity Girl

Hi everyone,

How many of you have been waiting for a lift video presented nothing but non-stop lifting action from beginning to end? More importantly, how many of you have wanted a video like this to feature a gorgeous, tall, muscular, blonde model having her way with any guy she sees fit? Then look no further than Builtmore's latest offering, creatively entitled "Gravity Girl. "When you begin to see the strength which Rose Adkins (the beautiful model featured) possesses, you'll probably think the lifts are being done on the moon, because the guys look almost weightless in her muscular arms!

Before I take you through what turns out to be one of the most extensive lift videos ever produced, here are some vital stats on the ever-so- powerful Rose. She is definitely an Amazon, weighing in at a shapely 160 pounds, while standing 5'11" tall. Her long flowing blonde hair extends down her back like golden rays of sunshine. Her warm and friendly personality is such that it makes you feel like she is speaking to you right through the TV screen. And initially, that is what she does! The tape opens with Rose peering through a store window. From behind the window she challenges what is presumably a male (although we can't see anyone) to come inside so that she may lift and carry him like the helpless male that he is. This intriguing opening leads to acceptance on the part of the guy.

Into the studio we go for what is the start of the "Lift Encyclopedia of Woman Power!" The male, who is about 5'9" and weighs about 155 pounds is promptly asked to jump onto Rose's muscular back for a piggyback ride. She carries him around the room with such ease it's almost as if he's not even there! She squats him, circles the room with him, all the while carrying on a conversation with the liftee. From there Rose picks him up in a straight-up lift, again displaying her awesome power. Oh, oh, Mr. Macho has been a bad boy, up he goes! She flings him over both of her shoulders in a great fireman's carry and squats him over and over again. I can only imagine what it must feel like being six feet off the ground at the mercy of a beautiful and strong woman.

Rose decked out in a spandex two piece outfit, sports a wonderfully tanned physique. She picks up Mr. Macho in a front straddle, and you can see the definition in her muscular arms, as she holds him there for several seconds. The location changes and we see Rose carrying him over both shoulders again, this time adding some great bicep flexing to the formula. And what great biceps she has! They are incredibly lean and have nice peaks on them. One scene has Mr. Macho's face right next to her flexed arm, while being suspended in air. Great stuff!

Ah, but what does big, bad, male need to humble him a little? He needs to be carried in her arms, like a little helpless child! And Rose is more than willing to do that for him. She is even strong enough to hold him there and flex with one arm. Anybody like ballet? Well watch as she catches the guy around the hips and lifts him straight up in the air. Holding him there, she does mini squats and smiles brightly for the camera. It truly looks easy for her, and I must say that in previous instances with this kind of lift, the women always seem to struggle, but not Rose! The cameras circle our beautiful amazon as she carries Mr. Macho back to back. It must feel like a roller coaster ride to him as she spins him around, while he's staring up at the ceiling, once again, helpless in the hands of a muscular woman.

She sweeps her long flowing locks over one shoulder, so as to accommodate the male which rests on her hips! The side straddle is a great lift which demonstrates the ultimate in strength and balance. Is it a problem for Rose? Not at all! Heck she even throws in some flexing while doing it. Obviously not satisfied with her previous cradle carry, Rose picks Mr. Macho up again in her arms, but not throws him up in the air repeatedly! This is quite the feat of strength, and she does it all while maintaining that beautiful smile across her face.

Jokes and laughter abound between the two participants, as several lift attempts are botched on the first go around. But fear not, because Rose makes up for these minor miscalculations by tossing him around twice as much later on. Thrill at the site of seeing Mr. Macho hanging from her hips, while she "rocks the baby" back and forth gently. You can even listen to him hum some tunes while he enjoys his free ride. Needless to say, by this point, it is becoming abundantly clear that there is no lift that this woman can not perform on Mr. Macho. Everything from shoulder carries, to cradle carries, to piggybacks, hip straddles, they're all here in this comprehensive video.

They move outside where more fun ensues. Rose carries the guy in several upside down lifts, which leave them both in a state of hysteria. Uncontrollable laughter and fun result from these neat lifts. It gets even more funny as onlookers pass by. The guy makes a comment to one passer-by that they are practicing for the "Cirque du Soleil." Later on a guy and girl pass by, while the Mr. Macho is being carried around piggyback, and the girl comments "that's right, that's right, woman power, woman power!" You will be rolling in stitches after seeing the reactions and responses from our vocal participants.

For those of you who like to see a much larger woman dominate a smaller male, Builtmore comes through for you. Rose goes back into the studio where her new liftee awaits. Mike stands 5'8" and weighs 120 pounds. In other words, he is dwarfed by the presence of the amazonically proportioned Rose. She had a remarkably easy time handling Mr. Macho, but with Mike, it is taken to the next level of facility. She can toss him around with absolutely no effort. When you see the good natured Mike standing next to her, you almost feel sorry for the ordeal he will be put through.

Mike is flung over her shoulder, backwards! I don't know how else to describe it, but the lifts in these segments are definitely rare ones. She holds him upside down while flexing for the camera. Mike, who also sports blonde hair, actually bears some resemblance to Rose and the comment is made that they are just like brother and sister. Of course in this case, the sister is the dominant force. She throws him over one shoulder while doing tricep extensions with her arm. When Mike jumps onto her back for a piggyback, she isn't even aware that he's on her! He has to make quite a big leap to get onto Rose's back, because of the significant height difference.

I really enjoyed this segment because the minimal weight of the male allowed the opportunity to experiment with never before seen lifts. It was fascinating to see Mike hanging off of Rose in the most awkward of positions, yet never the slightest exertion from Rose was visible. Mike is a great liftee, because he remains very "limp" like dead weight when being carried. At times it looks like Rose is carrying a sac of potatoes around the room! The lifts only get more wacky and wild, and the laughter returns as Rose bounces him around like a tennis ball.She constantly squats, throws him, and spins him around while he remains virtually expressionless. I thoroughly enjoyed the lift when he sat on her shoulders. Because of her height, he was so far off the ground, he probably would have to dodge birds flying by! (Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little, but he was high I tellya!).

It is quite amusing when Mike tries to pick up Rose, as he is unable to do it. He strains and tries with all of his might, to no avail. However, she promptly shows him just how easy it is for her to carry him, once again demonstrating "womanpower" as the girl outside had mentioned. The tape ends with an extremely long lift in which Mike sits atop only one of her shoulders! She holds him there for what seems an eternity while the photographer snaps many still shots (one of which is available for viewing at: www.builtmore.com) Gravity Girl proves to be a highly entertaining video which presents the strength of a powerfully built woman in a whole new light. I'd wager to say that this is the most thorough "encyclopedia of lifts" ever produced. For lift and carry fans, as well as amazon muscle worshippers, Gravity Girl will surely satisfy you.

-- Davemeister

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