Gravity Girls

This sixty minute lift-fest features a variety of beautiful and strong women, ranging from the lean and vascular Donna, to the tall amazonian goddess, Ostara.

Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Gravity Girls

Builtmore Productions, Inc. has long been known as one of the premiere sources for amazon women videos. However, they are equally adept at producing high quality lift and carry videos, such as their most recent release in this genre, "Gravity Girls." This sixty minute lift-fest features a variety of beautiful and strong women, ranging from the lean and vascular Donna, to the tall amazonian goddess, Ostara. There are no shortages of lifts and unlike with previous tapes, there is even a variety of different guys being lifted.

The tape opens up with Donna and her boyfriend. She possesses some nice biceps and very lean and vascular forearms. Fans of hairy women (how does one put that eloquently?) will enjoy the fact that Donna stays in touch with European tradition. But what matters most is her strength, of which she possesses a great amount. Watch as she cradle carries her boyfriend effortlessly, with a big grin on her face. Donna follows this up with a fireman's carry and even does deep squats. Piggybacks, shoulder sitting, and more muscle pumping action ends Donna's segment.

We are then treated to my favourite segment, an extended lift session with the tall blond amazon, Ostara. Her opening words are "I'm going to pick you up and carry you around!" She says it with great conviction, and then proceeds to show her power by carrying a guy in her arms like a baby. Switching into a beautiful red dress, she does some muscle posing, showing off her firm, shapely arms, and her incredible legs, complete with a giant tattoo which you'll have to see to believe. Other great lifts follow, including front straddles, piggybacks, cradle carries, shoulder lifts and more. This girl is beautiful, fit, and very, very strong.

If you like huge, powerful bodybuilders, Becky is for you! This girl is a massively muscled lady who lifts and carries a fairly large guy like he was nothing more than a sac of potatoes. Perhaps the most notable lift in this segment, is where the guy is lying flat on the ground, and she picks him up like a barbell, dead-lift style. She finds this easy, which leads me to wonder if she could have possibly even clean and jerked him with a little practice.

A voluptuous blonde, named Dana, takes centre stage next. This girl has curves in all the right places, along with some nice muscle tone as well. She does extended lifts with her male prey, including all the standard lifts and a few more. The nice thing about her segment is that she giggles and smiles all the time, which leads us to think she's having a good time. She's probably just surprised at how strong she actually is.

The final segment on the tape is one of my personal favourites. It features a young athletic girl, named Michelle. She lifts her boyfriend, who can best be described as a Tank Abbot clone in several different ways. Michelle claims she's very strong and proves it, by cradling her heavier boyfriend for an extended period of time. She follows this up with some fun piggyback rides in the park, where she bounces him up and down on her lower back and hips. This "odd couple" seems to be having a great time, and Michelle's positive attitude definitely adds to the appeal of this closing segment.

All in all, Gravity Girls is a terrific addition to Builtmore's lift and carry video collection. The variety of women, (and men for that matter), along with the extended lift segments, and some nice muscle posing combine to make an enjoyable tape which will have you thirsting for more. Pick up your copy at Builtmore Productions, Inc.' website (http://www.builtmore.com)

- Davemeister

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