Airborne - vol. 3

More lifting, laughs and power packed lovelies in this strong sequel. Features beautiful blonde KRISTY LEES, big tough MISTY PHELPS, more.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Airborne - vol. 3

More lifting, laughs and power packed lovelies in this strong sequel.

First beautiful blonde KRISTY LEES (127 lbs), a former member of the Canadian women's Bobsled team, and also a top level pole vaulter and barrel rider, works out in the gym, doing overhead presses, impressive leg presses and picture perfect clean and jerks, then she moves outside to tackle some human weights.

After some early struggle she manages to press 147 pound Rob over her head, and then starts picking up everybody she can find in every hold imaginable, including putting a guy on each of her shoulders and walking around. Amazing.

Next, big tough MISTY PHELPS, a New York City bouncer with a powerful build and the proud face of a lioness, throws the iron around. After warming up with overhead presses she moves to her forte, the leg press. She maxes out the machine at somewhere around 1400 pounds and that still isn't enough, so sexy, 126 pound KRISSY LOCKER sits on top of the weight stack and goes for a ride.

Outside Misty presses Rob and Krissy with ease, then carries Rob around like he weighed no more than a back pack, and does it all with her patented New York attitude. "Forgetaboutit."

After that Misty and Krissy go out into the sunshine for a playful pose down. Big Misty totally overshadows little Krissy in the muscle department, but Krissy is a born tease and likes to show off what she's got. Losts more lifts here as Misty carries Krissy around on her shoulders and in her arms like a baby.

- Elle Elle

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