alt.amazon.supermodels - vol. 3

Another half dozen super-sized seductresses! Features BUNNY GLAMAZON, a 6' 3 southern bell with a sexy smile and astounding proportions, RAE (5' 11), a sultry brunette hippy/gypsy in black leatherjacket and flowing skirts, JULIE (6'4) the blond girl next

Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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alt.amazon.supermodels - vol. 3

Another half dozen super-sized seductresses. Leading off is the well-known BUNNY GLAMAZON, a 6' 3" southern bell with a sexy smile and astounding proportions. She flexes and teases in bare feet and thigh high black boots, and in red and black high-cut one-pieces. She easily shoulders one man, and presses another high over her head, then cuddles him to her ample chest like a baby. Finally she poses for us, up close and personal, caressing her legs and torso as she looks seductively into the camera.

Next is RAE, 5' 11", a sultry brunette hippy/gypsy in black leatherjacket and flowing skirts. She towers over a short man as they walk together, then flashes and flexes her powerful calves and long, strong feet as she flounces up and down the street and sits on a bus bench.

JULIE is a blonde, 6' 4" girl next door, with a friendly smile and legs that just won't quit. She poses in doorways and on the street in a little black dress, then compares heights with her average-sized girlfriend. They pose side by side, in chairs and walking. Julie is easily more than a foot taller than her pal.

Next is a short segment with CHRISTY, 6' 2". As she steps on a ruler to show us her nearly foot-long foot and reaches up to touch a ceiling fan with ease, she tells us stories of growing up tall (she was 6' 2" in 6th grade!) and the amusing ways people have reacted to her.

The segment ends with long, loving close ups of her feet and calves as she points and flexes her feet. At 6' 6", blonde BLYTHE is the biggest girl on the tape, and in more ways than one, a true giantess, she's built in proportion to her height and carries about 300 well proportioned pounds on her sturdy frame. Wearing a short brown mini-dress that shows off her powerful legs, she walks with her boyfriend, then meets an equally short bearded stranger.

The boyfriend gets jealous of the stranger and chases him away, then tries to push around Blythe. Not a chance. She scoops him up and carries him around in a variety of lifts and he can't do a thing about it.

Finally, differences settled they walk off together again. Last, but definitely not least, is 6' KELLEN, a beautiful, perfectly proportioned blonde with a sweet smile. She poses with a short girl and the even shorter Builtmore regular Deep Roy. The event was a photo shoot for a British TV show, so we see Kellen getting made-up, practicing lines, and rehearsing with her co-stars. She's head and shoulders over every body else in the room, even the director and the camera man, and is a graceful as a dancer.

Elle Elle

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