Benedicteen - vol. 0
Pure Bliss

A tribute to the strength and athleticism of beautiful, muscular women. Featuring some of the most attractive young women in the world, Pure Bliss is a fine tribute to the highly enjoyable lift and carry genre

Running time: 60 minutes

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Benedicteen - vol. 0

Pure Bliss, Builtmore's hot new release, is a tribute to the strength and athleticism of beautiful, muscular women. Featuring some of the most attractive young women in the world, Pure Bliss is a fine tribute to the highly enjoyable lift and carry genre. The tape contains footage from several sources, including many segments shot and produced by Pete Bliss. Should you want to correspond with him, Pete can be reached via email by sending your comments to liftfit@home.com. Also contained on this sixty minute lift fest is footage from Europe and a special segment produced by yours truly, Davemeister!

The tall and voluptuous Sharon starts the festivities by lifting Pete in his now famous leg press. Sharon is a very attractive brunette with long flowing hair, beautiful deep-set eyes, and a lean and muscular physique. Her legs possess great power as is made evident by her effortless lifts of a two hundred pound man! She presses him repeatedly, with the utmost of ease, while Pete and Sharon maintain an interesting conversation. The scene switches to Sharon pressing Pete using only one leg at a time. This is a mind boggling display of strength which will leave you in shock. Just how does such a pretty girl with such a slender physique manage to lift him so easily?

If there's any doubts as to her strength, they are answered undoubtedly during the next segment. Sharon stands next to a sofa, while Pete climbs onto her back for some donkey calf raises. However, then another person climbs onto Pete's back! Between Pete and the beautiful girl on his back, Sharon is donkey calf raising an unheard of 305 pounds! Pete is shocked and says how impressive it is. Sharon responds simply by saying it is easy for her! More donkey raises follow, with only Pete on her back. Then Sharon decides it's time to take Pete on a piggyback journey around the room. She does so with such ease that you will be left wondering just how powerful Sharon really is.

Many more lifts ensue, including a fireman's carry, and cradle carry, to which Sharon comments is Pete's favourite lift. Sharon then proceeds to wrap her muscular legs around Pete's waist, in an effort to show off her shapely quads. She succeeds at doing this, as well as knocking the wind out of Pete with her vice-like grip. Sharon changes into a bikini and proceeds to lift Pete several more times. This is a very strong segment featuring an attractive girl with a great deal of strength.

The next girl featured was once a candidate for the hit series Baywatch! Tara is an incredibly attractive brunette with a shapely physique and a charming personality. Her strength is impressive and there will be no doubt in your mind that she would make the perfect Baywatch lifeguard! She begins with Pete's notorious leg press, doing it an unprecedented thirty times in a row! Then she hoists him over her shoulders and does some impressive squats with him. Following this, he jumps on her back for some donkey calf raises and yet more squats. Lots of laughter results when Pete comments during a single leg lift that he is "separating the women from the boys." Tara does some lifts with Pete for still camera shots, however the camera always seems to go off before they are in position for the pose.

Karie follows Tara's act with some impressive lifts of her own. She giggles innocently as she presses Pete for rep after rep of his famous leg press. Then in an effort to show off her tanned and toned legs, she proceeds to do the presses using only one leg at a time! Another unique lift has Karie holding Pete in the air with her legs, while doing abdominal crunches. This is definitely an interesting site to behold.

A less impressive segment featuring Karen follows. Karen, while physically attractive, doesn't seem to possess the strength necessary to do the lifts easily. The whole concept of lifting a man seems foreign to her and therefore Pete has a difficult time explaining how she is to lift him. Therefore the segment is cut short because she is not able to do anything more than a few reps of leg presses.

Pure Bliss returns with another fun segment featuring Lore Lee, a very lean and shapely blonde, with a sweet personality. She does some leg presses with Pete, including single leg presses which are truly a sight to behold considering her petite frame. Individuals that appreciate small but powerful girls will love Lore Lee! Pete hops on her back for some piggyback squats, but she has a difficult time balancing him at first. However after several attempts she gets the hang of it and before long she's squatting him easily!

Following the Pete Bliss segments, comes some interesting footage from Europe featuring Marika and her friend. Both girls are extremely well built bodybuilders, each sporting long blonde hair and great looks. These two girls provide a dramatic contrast from the lightly muscled girls seen earlier on the video. Fans of hardcore bodybuilding will appreciate the efforts of Marika and her friend. The next few segments contain a little of everything. If you love to watch two powerful women match each other lift for lift, you will love this tape!

Marika and her friend cradle carry, fireman's carry, leg press and donkey calf raise each other easily. They are both extremely strong and it's fun to watch them do these lifts effortlessly. Wait until you see how deep they can squat while lifting the other! Following the lifts, we are taken to the gym where the girls do leg presses with a huge man sitting on the leg press machine. The music adds to the excitement and it is definitely a very unique bit of footage. How often will you see powerful female bodybuilders leg pressing large men in the gym?

The girls then proceed to take us through an entire workout. Everything from bicep curls, to cable pulldowns, to hamstring curls, to bench presses are included in this intriguing segment. Both Marika and her friend work themselves into a glistening sweat. You will love seeing their heavily muscled bodies strain for rep after rep of each muscle pumping exercise. After the workout, we are treated to some modelling as the girls do some runway walking for our viewing pleasure. Finally, Marika ends the segment with a good old fashioned posing routine. This five minute routine is very well choreographed and Marika makes sure that we don't miss a muscle on her body!

Finally, the tape ends with the footage I produced. I selected a very attractive dancer to be featured in this lift and carry segment, however little did I know how much fun and chaos would result from video shoot! Featuring Amanda and my friend Joe as the liftee, this segment will surely leave you in stitches! Amanda and Joe have a chemistry on camera that really works. Combine that with the "clever" dialogue throughout and you'll see that the three of us couldn't be serious for a minute, even if we tried!

Amanda lifts Joe in many ways with the utmost of ease. She gives him front piggyback rides, cradle carries, piggybacks and more. Joe was not too fond of being lifted by a woman, although the idea grew on him the more he did it. You'll have to watch the video for yourself to see just how Joe reacts to Amanda's physical superiority! I myself had a blast operating the camera and witnessing this comical display up close and personal. This is the first video I've produced and I think everyone who sees it will agree that it couldn't have been funnier even if we tried! Grab your copy of Pure Bliss today and witness some uplifting action you thought you'd never get to see!

- Davemeister

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