Benedicteen - vol. 2
Extra Virgin

One of a kind and impressive...more lift and carry featuring rock climber Dee Dee, Kathleen and Sharon, and Nikki and Sharon.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Benedicteen - vol. 2

A continuation of the lifting action seen in Benedicteen, the action is one of a kind and impressive. The models are not the typical tall amazons expected from Builtmore, however the feats of strength displayed are. The video runs approximately one hour and is divided three segments each with two different girls lifting each other and a 200 pound male.

The video begins with Dee Dee a rock climber who at first glance does not look very strong, but does she ever fool you. She is not large nor is she muscular but you'd never know it by the manner in which she easily lifts a 200 pound male. Dee Dee effortlessly lifts this male as she performs leg presses (30 reps would be a breeze for her). In an innovative lift she performs a jerk-up, combination lift where she rolls with the male and leg presses him in one fluid motion, not easy to perform. The strength and endurance on this girl are unbelievable for her size, but you have to remember she is a rock climber. There are various other lifts in this segment as well including one of my favorite lifts the donkey calf raise.

Kathleen and Sharon are up next and this was my favorite segment. Kathleen is a nice looking blonde bodybuilder, about 5' 5" and approx. 145 pounds, while Sharon is an exotic looking brunette who looked to be about 5' 7 and a solid toned 135 pounds. These two not only take turns using the 200 pound male for weights, but they also use each other as weights in many different lifts. If you like lifts you can't get much better than this.

Do you want to see two person donkey calf raises. Picture yourself with one of Amazon Supermodels gorgeous 200 pound girls (there are a few) and Kathleen on your back. How many sets and reps could you do. I would want to do at least 20 X 30 reps, but I know that probably wouldn't be easy to do. Watch as Kathleen easily takes the male on her back (as Sharon jumps on the males back) and proceeds to effortlessly perform donkey calf raises. Sharon then performs the same lift.

Both girl take turns lifting each other before returning to one of the bestlifts I have seen yet, Extra Virgin's version of the two person donkey raises. Somehow I wish I were Kathleen as Sharon jumps onboard. Watch both girls take turns squatting each other in various ways, up on shoulders, cradle, up on one shoulder, and piggyback. All these lifts display strength and endurance. The girls then perform pushups with each other.

Kathleen finishes the segment off by pushing an Audi 5000, sometimes slightly up hill. Don't forget this girl can leg press half a ton. Next up are Nikki and Sharon, a dancer and fitness contestant. Nikki and Sharon lift each other and a 200 pound man. Leg presses, numerous variations of squats (straddling shoulders, one shoulder, fireman's carry) are all performed here. Sharon's squats are particularly impressive as she goes way down past parallel with the ground.

In all honesty this is simply the best lifting video I have seen to date, but I know there are more of these in Builtmore's archives and future.


"Chink, chink, chink. Rock solid!", says Dee Dee as she flexes her cut biceps and knocks on her ripped calves with a clenched fist.

She tells us, "I like to rock-climb and run." As she laughs.

She continues with, "C'mon on Pete. It's easy, fun and great exercise to lift a 190 pound man." as she leg presses him.

This is the sequel to Benedicteen: an all lifts and carry video, with girls lifting guys and girls lifting girls.

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