Amazon Supermodels - vol. 1

Tall, gorgeous women posing in height comparisons with shorter men and women, plus some lift and carry to emphasize not only their size, but also their strength.

Running time: 80 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Amazon Supermodels - vol. 1

Review by Jazzmnn@aol.com.

Builtmore Productions, Inc., found on the web as www.builtmore.com has long been known for its video tapes featuring muscular, gorgeous, and mostly tall and/or super tall women that would make any admirer stand up and shiver with delight! Their newest entry is entitled "Amazon Supermodels, Inc." and is comprised of 5 segments with tall, gorgeous women posing in height comparisons with shorter men and women, and includes some lift and carrying to emphasize not only their size, but also their strength.


From the moment you hear 6'6" Zrinka walking down the hallway to the studio, you know you are in for a real treat. The door opens and posing in the doorway is Zrinka, standing 6'10" tall in high heels, which she apparently loves to wear. And she fills the doorway from top to bottom, with her head "at least" touching the top of the door frame. Her position strongly suggests that she could, if she desires, allow her head to go beyond the top of the door frame as well. Her stance is awesome, with long, shapely legs, and an incredible face to go with the rest of her figure. Next she poses beside a wall phone booth. Note that she is resting her elbow and arm on the top of the booth, a place where only the tops of average height others' heads reach! Finally, sitting on the floor, you can realize the amazing length of her wonderful legs, as she shows them in elegant stockings. The extreme length of her legs are not easy to hold up parallel to the floor when she is asked to lift them. After all, those legs make up about 3/4 of her total body length.

IRINA and ROSE at 5'11"

Next we are treated to two playful blondes standing 6'3" in their heels! Wow! Rose, a touch more muscular, and Irina, long and wiry, but totally built. The girls pose with shorter guys, not really short guys, just shorter like the average height of a male, and pay attention to how high up on the guy's chest, Irina's waist reaches. A good comparison is to note the height difference of the passersby on the street. It truly gives one the feel of "size" for these women. Irina's accent is to die for, and alone is worth the price of admission to this tape purchase. The back to back poses with the gentleman are incredible!

JULIE 6'4"

My personal favorite of this tape is Julie, a 6'4", 180 lb blonde bombshell. She is very strong, and very long, and swears is very active as well. And she looks it. Posing, or should I say, imposing, alongside the gorgeous but diminutive Christina is a sight that gets the tall women lovers' blood percolating! Christina's shoulders just about reach Julie's waist...think of that...the top of this pretty little gal's head not quite coming up to the Amazon's armpit. Yikes! Notice that Christina's head comes to the top of that phone booth we talked about before, well almost to the top, a place where Julie's shoulders are well above. And there's still a head to go above all that. I believe that the little woman is about 4'9" tall, and I wish I knew her weight and inseam length. The juxtaposition is a height comparison lover's dream come true. When Julie walks down the street, notice that the parking meters look tiny compared to her long, luxurious figure, and once again, the passersby on the street are so small by comparison. Remember, this woman can walk into a room at about 6'8" or 6'9" tall with heels on. She takes a long walk, a phenomenal leg work segment, and there is an interesting dialogue about being tall, that she tells as she strolls. She then poses back to back with an average height guy, and then "VOILA", she lifts him easily in a cradle position, and eventually throws him over her shoulder and walks back and forth in front of the camera. And I mean with ease...now that's a woman for you...a real WOMAN.

MEGAN and SANDRA at 6' tall

Megan and Sandra, two dark haired beauties, make up the next segment. They have wonderful long legs, and great figures. I love to see them walking down the street in their heels at about 6'3" tall, holding hands with an average size man who barely reaches their shoulders in height. Their waists reach to the middle of his chest, and display a tremendous size difference. How invigorating!

PIILANI 6'1" tall

Finally, another Superwoman, the exotic Piilani, at 6'1" tall, and 165 lbs of woman! This long, lithe, woman has long dark hair, with superbly toned legs, wish I knew the inseam length of those towers, and she strolls down the street very confidently, attired in a pretty, sexy dress that is so short, it leaves no "leg length" to the imagination. Her inseam stretches as high as the waistline of the woman she stands alongside of. Incredible! She then walks with the shorter, but probably average height woman in the middle, and is flanked by another superbly built blonde. This last segment ends with Piilani lifting the blonde, who is no midget, 5'11" seems about right, and both girls lift each other back to back for a superb show of strength and leg length!

...These women are so tall, and so stunning, that this tape may just become the "Pride of your Tall Women Collection"...its my favorite to date. I have all that Builtmore has offered in this category...Check it out now at www.builtmore.com. You won't believe their thighs..no, no, I mean you won't believe your eyes!

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