Amazon Supermodels - vol. 2

No one brings you the tallest and most spectacular women on Earth better than the one and only Nercy. Amazon Supermodels #2 is no exception. He brings to this videotape some of the most amazing women you will ever see.

Running time: 80 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Amazon Supermodels - vol. 2

No one brings you the tallest and most spectacular women on Earth better than the one and only Nercy. Amazon Supermodels #2 is no exception. He brings to this videotape some of the most amazing women you will ever see.

The tape begins with a segment from the Montel Williams Show that obviously has to do with very tall women. Believe me, the women on this show tower over the 6 foot tall Montel. Who are they? In Amazon Supermodels #2 you will find out who they are and meet a number of other amazingly tall women as well.

The first of the women whom we meet as she exits the show is the awesome Bunny Glamazon. She enters the scene on the arms of two average men,both of whom she dwarfs with her size. Bunny tells us proudly that she is 6'3" standing in her bare size 12 feet and that her measurements are a stunning 63-28-38. She also wears a remarkable FFF cup bra! As she says (while squeezing her massive breasts together with huge hands that sport long red fingernails), "Most men stand eye to tit." I believe it. She looks like she could smother a man to death with those twin mounds. Bunny goes on to say how much fun she has had going about the country "terrorizing men." She describes how she likes to pick men right up out of their seats at her shows, toss them onstage, and then tie them up with their own socks and belts.

The next post-show interview is with the stunning and beautiful Connie Waikle who stands a towering 6'9" in her stocking feet! By and large (no pun intended), Connie enjoys being tall. We get to see some good height comparisons of men standing next to her. Connie's 6'3" boyfriend looks like a midget as he stands alongside his beloved.

Speaking of midgets, in the next segment a beautiful black woman named Veronica Lyday, who is 6'2", dances with a midget. Their dancing is interspersed with parts of the Montel show in which these towering Amazons all discuss how they enjoy wearing 3 or 4" heels and how upsetting it is for so many men who then find themselves dwarfed even further by their stunning size.

It's fun listening to all four women on the show discussing their height and how it affected their lives. For example, we hear how when men challenge Bunny about having a 63" chest she asks them to guess the "real" size of her chest with the understanding that it will cost them one dollar for each inch under 63" that they are off. With her imposing size, broad back, and gigantic breasts (all natural), Bunny has made quite a few dollars proving that she is indeed 5'3" about the bust! A 6' tall man is just barely able to embrace Bunny and touch his fingertips together behind her back if he squeezes tightly! Wouldn't you like to try? Heaven only knows, though, what Bunny would do to a man who tried to give her a bear hug. If she hugged him back those triple F giants could certainly make for some deadly weapons!

Tall Clubs International is a worldwide club for tall people. Nercy next introduces us to 3 beautiful women from Germany who are members while a man describes the club. But we have to wait for later to explore this line further. Frankly, I would have edited this short section and put it later.

But no matter, we are soon introduced to 24-year-old Lori Garrett from Oregon. She is a 6' tall body builder. She has a strikingly beautiful figure but wow, is she solid. In her miniskirt you can see how fantastically powerful her legs appear. Even so, I was surprised when she said that she weighed 190 pounds! I guess muscle does weigh more than fat! And Lori shows off her muscles, flexing her powerful arms and even flexing her busty chest. When we see her walking alongside of her average-sized girlfriend, Lori looks like some sort of superhero. What a body! She shows off her legs by slowly walking up and down the stairs and even lifts her girlfriend up in her arm and carries her about as though she were a little kid.

Louise Ross has the most beautiful eyes. We see that immediately when we meet her. She is a 20-year-old Englishwoman who likes to work out in the gym. Her measurements are 38-32-38 with a 34" inseam! She is shown exercising and describes how she loves to wear high heels and miniskirts. In 4" heels she stands 6'7" and towers over all others. She is a member of the British chapter of the Tall Clubs International. She tells about loving her height and how she does everything possible to emphasize it.

The next segment comes as a real shock. I almost hate to spoil the surprise. It begins with a white limo arriving. You wonder who the passenger is…or perhaps who the passenger will be. But then the chauffeur gets out in her black miniskirt uniform with heels that bring her up to 6'3". At 155 pounds and wearing shades, Julie looks like every billionaire's dream driver. She is a competitive swimmer, which explains her wonderful figure. All she needs now are a black belt and some weapons training and she could give James Bond a run for it.

What's that you say, you love huge women? Well, look no further. Meet huge breasted 260 pound Ev from Las Vegas. At 6'2" barefoot, she is a true giant woman lover's dream. In a close up we see that the giggling Ev's calves simply dwarf those of an average man.

Next we see 6' tall, 150 pound Heather, who is walking through a mall. Her brief segment is like a little refreshing repast between real Amazons, because we quickly move on to visit Cindy in her elegant home. Cindy is 6'2" and tells a story of how she finally had to dump her 5'5" boyfriend. She adds that she was tired of him having to get on the top step every time he wanted to talk to her. Cindy prefers people her own height, like her beautiful girlfriend Elise who joins her at the end of this segment.

Elise tells us about herself and what it was like growing up tall. Unlike Bunny Glamazon, Elise doesn't like to dominate and prefers men who are taller than she. Sitting in Cindy's elegant home, next to a polisher rosewood table, Elise crosses her long legs encased in sheer white stockings while she describes her wish to be a concert pianist. Elise is a nice touch of tall class.

But it's now time to get even taller! Sarah Thamer is 6'4" in her stocking feet, but here we see her in a short blue dress and 3" heels! She is a professional basketball and beach volleyball player and weighs in at 170 pounds on a pair of stunningly long legs. In this segment, Sarah chats with us as she crosses and uncrosses her legs and then stands alongside of an average man for some amazing height comparisons.

Back to San Diego for that tall singles meeting where we once again join the 3 mysterious tall women from Germany. There is redheaded 6'2" Tanya. The tallest is Sabina and stands 6'4" in a very skimpy bikini she is almost wearing. And finally, there is Katya, the shrimp of the group at 6'1" tall. These women are all taped in a grassy park where they are turning heads!

Pat Opal is an interesting woman who is also there at the tall club picnic. She is 6'1", barefoot, and having fun with her pet, a pot-bellied pig. Pat is obviously a weight lifter and packs a whopping 199 pounds into a curvy and powerful frame.

The tape comes to a close with a brief interview with Erin Wieda, who plays a jungle woman on a different tape also available from Nercy. (For those inclined to violent Amazons that tape shows Erin, who is 6'3", squeezing a number of bad guys to death between her massive and muscular legs).

Amazon Supermodels #2 is 5 years old [this writeup was made in 1997] but it could just as well have been filmed yesterday. It is yet one more of the "gotta have" tapes for lovers of tall women. Keep up the good work Nercy, this one rates right up there with the best of them. To contact Builtmore Productions, Inc. about this or any of their other videos go to http://www.builtmore.com

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