Benedicteen - vol. 3
Youth Related

Young teenage muscle, rock hard bodies and sparkling personalities. Modeling, posing, lift and carry

Running time: 80 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Benedicteen - vol. 3

Builtmore's latest entry into the modeling and posing genre proves to be the most exciting one to date. For fans of young, teenage muscle, comes "Youth Related," a sixty minute montage into the world of female muscle modeling. Featuring several very attractive women, all in their late teens and early twenties, Builtmore has provided us with an eye pleasing palette of beautiful women, complete with rock hard bodies and sparkling personalities. Another element to this video which sets it apart from its competition is the inclusion of many lift and carry sequences, in which the strong young women demonstrate their incredible power by lifting a guy around with ease!

Youth Related opens with the gorgeous teenage model, Melissa. She is a stunning girl standing 5'10" and weighing in at a solid 140 pounds of tanned and toned muscle. She flexes her shapely biceps for the camera while presenting a sparkling smile which lights up the screen. The muscle posing continues, as the camera catches each and every nuance of Melissa's spectacular physique. Just when you think that Melissa is all show, she proves that she is as physically strong as she looks. You will be thrilled to see the ease with which she demonstrates a variety of lifts on the unsuspecting male, who is dwarfed in her arms. She carries him around countless ways and shows that she is not just another pretty face.

Following Melissa, is the exotic and curvaceous Jacinda. Jacinda boasts an impressive set of arms, with beautiful peaks which reveal themselves in her entertaining modeling segment. Inside the studio she shows off her defined biceps, chiselled abdominals, and her diamond-shaped calves. Builtmore films from various angles so as to capture every contraction and every moment of muscle-pumping action. Jacinda piggybacks a guy around with little or no effort and again shows that girl power is alive and well, especially in the world of teenage fitness models!

For a change from the more muscular physiques of the previous models, Youth Related focuses on the 6'0" tall German amazon, Nora. While Nora is incredibly tall, she looks even taller because she is not particularly muscular. She does some "runway" modeling, walking up and down the streets next to a much shorter male. You will really get an appreciation for her height, because Nora dwarfs her male counterpart. Following this, Nora does some chair modeling, where she is seated and shows off her shapely lower torso. Nora also attempts a cradle carry with the guy she walked down the street with. With some effort, she is able to carry him, although not for very long.

Builtmore's Youth Related ends with footage from Pete Bliss. The women used show an incredible amount of strength and power for their size. Without a doubt, they are some of the most attractive young fitness models ever shot on tape. They all sport "cute" if not overly muscular arms and legs, and some of them, (especially those involved in cheerleading!) show off incredible abdominal development as well. However, that said, the main source of interest in this segment is for fans of smaller girls lifting and carrying a much larger guy around.

These girls prove their worth by lifting the 200 plus pound Pete Bliss in a variety of ways, including some very "exotic" looking lifts, never before seen. Lifts include the traditional piggybacks, cradle carries, and over the shoulder lifts, as well as a few Bliss originals. You will be stunned to see such visually-pleasing girls demonstrate their unheard of strength.

Overall, Youth Related is a definite positive step in the right direction as far as teenage modeling tapes are concerned. If you are interested in viewing girls before they reach their physical "prime" then this tape is definitely for you. With a happy balance between muscle posing and lift and carry, as well as a great deal of variety in the physiques presented, Youth Related is sure to capture your interest and "carry" you to new heights.

Review by Davemeister

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