Benedicteen - vol. 5
Run Away Models

RUN AWAY MODELS...This is practically three tapes in one! Three different segments featuring a total of eight great girls.

Running time: 90 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Benedicteen - vol. 5

This is practically three tapes in one! Three different segments featuring a total of eight great girls.

First up are LANI, AMANDA, and AMY-JO. Lani is a lean blonde with a flat stomach and wiry arms. She shows off her physique, then her strength by lifting both her cute friend and a man who's easily 200 pounds, separately and then together!

After that Lani introduces us to her friends AMANDA, a cute brunette with a sturdy figure and a great smile, and AMY-JO, a tall blond with a pixie haircut and strong legs. In shorts and bikini tops they trade off lifting each other in a variety of carries.

Then Lani's on her own again, wrestling a young, fit man. She really knows her stuff. She gets him in headlocks and grapevines and scissor holds until he's tapping for mercy. She destroys him three times.

The second segment features EVA and LEU, two strong blondes. Eva is short and powerfully built, with strong arms and long curly hair. Leu is lean and athletic, with sandy hair and great calves. Out in the woods the two prove their strength, first by breaking branches, then by lifting a man who's easily a foot taller than either of them. They carry him and each other around with ease in a wide selection of lifts, from fireman's carry to cradle to piggyback and beyond. They push cars with just the strength of their legs and carry a man up and down a long flight of stairs on their backs.

Finally Eva shows incredible strength by picking up both Leu and the man, one over each shoulder! Incredible!

In the last segment we meet another three girls for more lifting fun; JENNY, a knock-out brunette with pin-up curves, MELISSA, a lean blonde with a beautiful face and great abs, and LUCY, a tall brunette with a dancer's body and flexibility.

First they all warm up, stretching and flexing their muscles, then they too trade lifts, carrying each other and our heavy weight friend from the first episode on their shoulders, balanced on their feet and hands, and piggy-back. Then, with the workout over, they wave good-bye. But don't worry, hello is just a rewind away.

Review by Elle Elle

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