Miss Fit
Miss Fit

Lean, lithe and lovely, MONTANA CLARE performs lift & carry in some picturesque settings, plus poses and flexes her long shapely legs.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Miss Fit

The magnificent MONTANA CLARE is one long, cool drink of water. A statuesque stunner with lean legs that go on for miles and a trim, sexy body, Clare belies her regal looks by displaying an engaging personality and a great sense of humor.

She starts the tape with a bang by kicking out of her pick-up and strutting off to hi-jinx and adventures in high-heels and a black micro-dress.

First to the deck, where she carries a variety of men in different lifts, all with the same grace and ease; piggy-back, fireman's carry, cradle and side lift, first wearing sneakers and a gray two-piece swim-suit that shows off her great abs, then in a black mini-skirt and high heels.

Next she climbs a mountain to plant the flag for all amazon-kind, and wearing cheeky cut-offs and a blue halter she poses on huge boulders and rocks and soaks up the sunshine.

Then back to the deck, this time in a sheer, stretchy black micro dress that fails to hide the black thong she wears underneath. After that she switches to a flowered mini and caresses and massages those amazing legs and calves.

Now on the street, attracting cheers and wolf-whistles as she struts around in a super-short tennis dress and platform spikes.

And at last into the studio, when she parades her glorious calves by climbing ladders and stretching out on mats. Just for good measure she does a few more lifts and carries, and compares legs with her happy passenger. It's no contest. Clare has world class legs, firm, tan and full of power. His are pale and thin.

It's not his fault. He's only a man, after all.

  -- Elle Elle

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