Maxine Legroom - vol. 10

They've got legs, and they know how to use them...Starring beautiful Brazilian dancer LUNA, sultry tennis and track champ LOLA, national level bodybuilder SHEILA, and the masked, mysterious INCOGNITO.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Maxine Legroom - vol. 10

They've got legs, and they know how to use them...

LUNA, a beautiful Brazilian dancer, shows off what made Impenema famous. Starting in a back tube top and micro skirt, Luna grinds and gyrates, displaying her incredibly thick, shapely quads and calves, then strips down to a postage stamp thong and presents her proud, powerful posterior. Astounding!

Sultry tennis and track champ LOLA, bounces up and down the stairs, showing off her diamond shaped calves in high heels, black mini-skirt and sexy white knit top, then kicks up her heels in her luxurious bed as she tells us how her legs have caused car wrecks and accidents. The girl can't help it!

Powerful national level bodybuilder SHEILA, a ravishing redhead, struts through the park in spike heels and lingerie, showing off massive arms, shoulders and legs. Especially legs! Great quad separation and huge, rock-hard calves. Then she retires fireside, showing off more lingerie and trying on and taking off sheer silk stockings and a garter belt. Big, bad and bodacious.

The mysterious INCOGNITO, a masked woman with perfect toned and tanned bare legs, and a derriere to die for, tramples on her moaning slave, first in bare feet, then in high heels, grinding her spikes into his naked flesh. Lucky dog!

  -- Elle Elle

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