Are You Pulling My Leg?

Muscular dancer LUNA exotic dancing onstage at a swanky club

Running time: 47 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Are You Pulling My Leg?

An hour of dancing on stage with Luna, at her favourite club in Southern Cali.

Lovely LUNA, the stand-out performer of Maxine Legroom 10, stars in her own full length tape. Shot at a swanky, neon-lit "gentleman's club," Luna teases and tantalizes us with her taut, toned body and incredibly shapely, muscular legs in a series of sexy pole-dances.

Watch as she dances and spins on the pole a microscopic bikini under a sheer baby-doll nightie, often holding her self aloft "no-hands" by merely squeezing the pole between her powerful thighs.

A black mini-dress quickly comes off to reveal a black silk camisole and the worlds tiniest panties, as Luna does splits and leg lifts.

Luna starts her last dance in a black bustier, garters and hose under a sheer black robe, but soon works her way down to just bra, panties, garters and hose, as she writhes on the floor and snakes up and down the pole.

Whew! Is this a hot one! It's a wonder that pole didn't melt!

  -- Elle Elle

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