Monica's Leg-a-See

Running time: 90 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Monica's Leg-a-See

Monica Ingebrigtsen Shows Off Her Superlative Muscles

Do you like little dresses? Strong muscular legs? A tanned female body? Huge Calves? Well your going to love Monica. If you saw her in the street she would hypnotise you as a result of her amazing body, and legs.

The video starts with Monica in a black dress as short as they come and does arm and leg poses. The camera then gets some nice close ups of her calves and thighs as she flexes her muscle for you. If she scissored you, you would have no chance.

Her presentation is also nice with a clean look about her and nicely manicured finger nails. Her chest is substantial for a bodybuilder, which adds even more to the fantasy. She pulls her hair to the side to show us her amazing back and shoulders.

The video must have been shot in Sweden where she lives, as she talks in a foreign language to the videographer.

Monica then focuses on her calves by putting her foot on a chair and flexes. Oh the Diamonds? They say diamonds are a womans best friend! I disagree! The camera gets in really nice and close here as Monica really gives calve lovers what we are looking for - huge calve flexing. She then rests her arm on her knee and flexes calves and biceps.

All throughout this we get continued peeks at Monica's panties when she pulls her dress up to show her leg muscle (they're white by the way).

Monica then performs my favourite pose. She sits in a chair and crosses one leg over the other and poses her leg muscle and extendeds her legs up and anaylses her muscle. Very sexy. There are some nice close ups here too.

Monica then chenges to a green/grey dress similar in style to the black one. She is wearing these amazing white shoes that empasize her calves.

She continues with back, arm and leg poses in all sorts of positions.

I liked the close ups better in this dress because the last pair of shoes were boots which hid her ankles. We can see her ankles now which excentuate her claves.

There is some nice upper body posing with bicepts, tricepts, lats and back.

Monica has a very sweet demenour about her and seems to be light hearted and is enjoying posing for the camera.

Monica then poses in her white shoes with her legs on the chair to show off her calves. Great close ups here.

Monica then poses on a couch with some great poses...with her amazing legs crossed. She then lays on the couch and shows us her stuff, including some nice poses on her stomach to show her back thigh muscles.

Are those aerobic shorts. Well these are short shorts! You can really get an appreciation of Monica in these aerobic shorts and whats development she has. Her glutes are up there with the best. There is leg posing and upper body posing.

She then shakes her thigh muscle side to side when it is relaxed (like atheletes do before they race) and then tightens it. You can really see the contrast between flexed and relaxed muscle. There are some nice donkey calve raises here also.

Monica then does some one armed push ups and a pose which looks like to be from one of her routines. These are performed on the floor with some other poses.

The camera then comes off the tripod and comes up to Monica and gets some great shots of her body and legs as if you saw her in the street.

The video would not be complete with out bikini posing. Well words can't describe it. You just sit and look. But she does that leg shake-out thing again which really had me intrigued with the contrast with flexed and non flexed muscle. The Monica does poses the same as when she was in her aerobic shorts, and with her legs on the chair again.

Whilst the video is not one of the most high paced ones around, it is sure made up with Monicas great body and poses with her amazing legs. She truely gives you something to admire.

- by Twindiamond

In this 90 minute tape, strapping Swedish sweetheart MONICA INGEBRIGTSEN shows us what gets those Swedes through the long arctic nights. With an engaging smile and a sparkle in her eye, the bounteous 165 pound brunette puts her muscles through their paces like the finely trained animals they are.

First she poses in a tight, black mini-dress and platform boots, showing off powerful shoulders, legs and arms, then switches to a body-hugging tan number and high heels, shaking out and flexing her shapely, striated quads.

Next, she dons a cropped tan tank top, sneakers and cheeky shorts, and really starts working up a sweat, performing effortless one-armed push-ups and pumping up those thighs and calves.

Finally she strips down to a black posing suit, revealing a navel ring and previously hidden tattoo, and finishes off with excerpts from her stage routine and set of ab-crunching situps.

They don't need indoor heating in Sweden. They have Monica Ingebrigtsen.

 -- Elle Elle

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