Amazon Supermodels - vol. 3
Women in Good Standing

Chronicles the search for some of the tallest and sexiest women alive

Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Amazon Supermodels - vol. 3

"OUTSTANDING WOMEN" or Amazon Supermodels, Inc. (Volume 3) is the search for some of the tallest and sexiest women alive. Volume 3 includes:

Susanne Eriksson 6’0"
The classic Scandinavian model -- tall, with long blond hair, finely-chiseled features, girlish smile, like an angel (if angels were sexy!).

Melissa Ford 6’5"
A voluptuous runway model with killer good looks (see set of pictures above, on the first line) and incredible long legs. This poised lady is one class act! Click here to send eMail to Melissa Ford

Miky Schaife 6’4"
If you can take your eyes away from her legs long enough, you’ll see that she’s an athletic, slender, and fit woman you’d be happy to date. Miky describes to us people’s reactions to her height.

Dana Massengale 6’3"
An athletic coach with a sturdy frame and broad build who can look down to most men, Dana is very much the amazon variety of female. A must-see for those who like the big-sister type.

Deanna Gorton 6’0"
By contrast, Deanna looks fragile; she’s high-fashion-model thin, which emphasizes her look of stature. An executive secretary with interests in the arts and, of course, a model.

Karin Torger 6’3"
Long tall Karin is friendly, fun, and a knockout. See her as she reaches way, way up to the higher branches of an orange tree to get the fruit her male companion can’t reach!

Katrin Bowen 6’0"
A TV show host who’s athletic and a kickboxer, Katrin demonstrates her fighting skills. We assure the SPCA and PETA that no live men were harmed in the preparation of this video sequence.

Sandy Allen 7’7"
You’ve heard about her, read about her, now see her -- the world’s tallest living woman, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. She describes her experiences in life, in movies, on TV and so on.

Tracy Robinson 6’0"
A lovely fashion model who could give Naomi Campbell serious competition. More long, shapely legs to ogle -- uh, admire.

Merlelynn Lange 6’6"
A former UNLV Lady Rebels basketball star and Canadian Olympic team member. (Shown above) Beautiful, robust, cuddly, and fit.

Jacqueline Wilson 6’1"
U.S.-born, German-educated, and of German descent, Jacqueline is blond, big, slender, girlish and cute. She’s adorable!

Kristine Roberts 6’4"
Brunette, pretty, fit, with L-o-o-n-g legs and a high hemline. Kristine was a candidate for TV’s "American Gladiators," yet she’s nonthreatening, friendly, and an amazon you’d love to date.

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