American Legxicon


Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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American Legxicon

A funny name for a tape with beauties from all around the world, you might say, but that's what America is all about. A melting pot of people from all nations, coming together to show off their legs and make our country a more beautiful place.

First, from England, is LASSIE, a tall, serious woman with a ripped body of a tri-athlete. She shows off her cut calves working out in the gym and walking out on a roof, high above Los Angeles.

Next, the Asian beauty JADE, a fitness beginner with great potential, particularly in her firm, well shaped legs. Jade walks up stairs, works out in the gym, and plays to the camera like a pro.

After her comes mischievous KARINA from Germany. A blonde, dreadlocked beauty with powerful legs made strong from swimming and volleyball. She parades around Venice, first in a slit skirt, then in a bikini.

Then there's ANNIE, an all American outdoors fanatic. She swims, hikes, boats -- a little bit of everything. She shows off her shapely calves in a little black dress, then changes into shorts and a T-shirt to play around on the rings and chin-up bars.

Next it's south to Brazil for LUCIANA, a golden haired Latin sweetheart with a dazzling smile and a fitness physique. She has the hardest calves on the tape, and yet says she never exercises them! She struts her stuff in a black mini-dress then does calf raises with her friend Kelly Dobbins on her back.

Then we return to America for pretty blonde NÖEL, a ballet dancer with lean, limber legs and a tight body. She dances on the beach, shows off her feet and does a split like it was the easiest thing in the world.

FINALLY, beautiful Eurasian California girl TANYA wanders around a sunny campus. She sees lost but she's still worth following. Those calves and those quads are magnificent. Finally tired, she takes a rest and rubs lotion on her legs. God bless America.

  -- Elle Elle

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