Hands on You

Tall, athletic, stylish, gorgeous - Manualla has long, strong, beautiful hands and she knows how to use them.

Running time: 58 minutes

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Hands on You

Manualla is a 'hand'some woman: tall, athletic, gorgeous, stylish, but most importantly she has long, strong, beautiful hands and she knows how to use them.

After measuring her hands -- she has an impressive nine inch span, and size seven ring size -- Manualla decides to teach some respect to a short red-headed girl who dares to invade her space. She wrestles the girl to the ground and proceeds to smother her using only one large hand.

Still not satisfied, she invites Pam Angel over to play. Pam is used to big muscle girls and doesn't think Manualla is very impressive. Manualla shows her how wrong she is. She may not have bulging muscles, but her arms and hands are as strong as steel cables. She picks Pam up, carries her around, then cuts off all her air with one powerful hand. Pam is out in no time.

After all that strenuous activity its time for a snack. Manualla decides to make a fruit salad. Her nimble hands use a knife to cut up some apples, but when it comes to the plums, she tears them apart with her bare hands, and the nectarines she crushes one-handed, one at a time as the juice and pulp squeeze through her long, elegant fingers.

Finger-licking good!

  -- Elle Elle

Original soundtrack by Ring Cyze

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