Gift of Jab

Tall, beautiful martial artist LIZZ works out in the ring, spars, performs yoga movements, gives an interview, and more.

Running time: 30 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Gift of Jab

What a knock-out this tape is -- literally!

LIZZ is a tall, athletic martial artist with a great body and a fresh, beautiful face. We meet her in the gym, training for kick-boxing with her teacher, Master Kham. She goes through her regimen, first shadowboxing to warm up, them punching while Master Kham holds small hand pads, then kicking -- side kicks, knees and pushes on a bigger pad. Those kicks sound like gunshots she kicks so hard.

Later she moves to combinations, and finally to free sparring, trading blows and kicks with her master, and once or twice getting the better of him.

In between the action, Lizz talks about her life, her training and what she does for fun. She tells us how she got into the sport and about her first experience in the ring. She won her first real fight! She also mentions the bumps and bruises that go along with the martial arts lifestyle.

In a calmer moment, We watch Lizz perform a series of yoga exercises to the accompaniment of beautiful music. She moves with a serene, natural grace. Itís a joy to watch.

This is a half hour tape, but itís got more hard-hitting action than any three other tapes combined. Check it out.

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