Arms Control

Featuring superfit Southern California girl LIZ POWERS in gym workouts, heavy lifting, muscle posing, flexing, pumping, and hot modeling.

Running time: 50 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Arms Control

Enter the world of LIZ POWERS, superfit Southern California hottie, 5'6 tall, 130 lbs.

We accompany Liz to Gold's Gym, where she does some flexing and posing for the camera, followed by some heavy weight lifting which pumps up her biceps to double their size.

Then Liz lets us follow her as she cavorts outside, having fun and taking every opportunity to show off her 6-pack abs and strong shoulders while striking sassy modeling poses.

Next we go to another gym for a training session. Liz takes us to each station, explaining each lift and how it affects the different muscle groups.

She performs precise muscle control exercises, followed by more flexing and more pumping.

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